element14 adds over 1,000 discrete products to full reel portfolio for electronics production in Asia-Pacific

element14-logoNew Delhi, India, May 15, 2014: element14 has added to its portfolio of tape and reel discretes for electronics design and production over 1,000 of the most essential high-performance transistors, MOSFETs and diodes from industry-leading suppliers such as Fairchild, NXP, ON Semiconductor and Vishay.

These new ranges for use in electronics manufacturing and design are compatible for use with modern tape-fed placement units ensuring efficient production runs. Customers can review, compare and purchase from one convenient site at element14 and enjoy greater value especially with the new pricing for production quantities.

In addition to 10,000 passives available in full reel, over 1,000 of the most indispensable discretes for CEM and OEM use are available for network and data communications, consumer electronics, power supply and industrial applications, from :

Fairchild: single P-channel PowerTrench MOSFETs, with low on-stade resistance, are designed specifically for battery charge or load switching in ultraportable applications.

NXP: its range of very fast switching N-channel enhancement mode Field-Effect Transistors (FET) are available in a plastic package using Trench MOS technology.

ON Semiconductor: their range of high voltage switching diodes are AEC−Q101 Qualified and PPAP Capable.

Vishay: its surface mount Schottky rectifier is designed for applications requiring low forward drop and very small footprints on PCBs; go to sg.element14.com/2368263

Marc Grange, Head of Product Marketing, element14 Asia-Pacific said, “We are delighted to add these products and make it available for easy review and order. Customers who require more options in terms of full reel packaging now have access to one of the most comprehensive portfolios and can benefit from the operational and cost savings.”

In addition, other best-selling discretes available from element14 are

  • NPN general purpose amplifier and switch from Fairchild Semiconductor
  • NPN general-purpose transistors from NXP
  • P-channel MOSFETS from International Rectifier
  • N-channel SIPMOS small-signal-transistor from Infineon

Customers have the flexibility of deciding what quantity they would like on each reel; element14 also offers a free of charge re-reeling service upon request, for quantities above 150 pieces. For assembly efficiency, over 52,000 surface mount components are available for delivery in a standard 180mm reel, ready to pick and place, complete with leader and trailer tape.

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