element14 adds Avago full-feature gate drive optocouplers for electronics design in Asia-Pacific

element14-adds-AvagoNew Delhi, India, June 23 2014: element14 has added to its extensive range the highly-integrated gate drive optocouplers from Avago Technologies, one of the world’s leading supplier of analog interface components for wireless, wireline and industrial applications.

These optically-isolated devices are optimized for driving high power MOSFET or IGBT directly, exhibiting fast gate switching speed, minimal propagation delay, high CMR and reinforced insulation. They provide a complete cost-effective gate drive solution for motor control and power inverter applications where the MCU needs to be isolated and protected from high voltages.

The Avago APCL-336J and APCL-337J feature respectively 2.5A and 4A rail-to-rail output with high current, integrated short circuit protection with feedback, integrated LED driver, active Miller clamp, high DESAT blanking current source, and Under Voltage Lock-out(ULVO) feedback control circuit. In addition to the significant reduction in system costs and board space, there are improvements in overall power efficiency and reliability; available at http://in.element14.com/2401096

Marc Grange, Head of Product Marketing, element14 Asia-Pacific said, “These Avago devices set a new standard for compact gate drive optocoupler solutions, and we are  delighted to make it readily available for our customers who demand a higher level of on-chip integration for their next-generation applications.”

Visit the Avago Technologies store which carries over 2,000 products at: http://in.element14.com/avago-technologies or access news, white papers, videos and join discussions with over 230,000 members in our Community at http://www.element14.com/community/community/manufacturers/avago

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