E-vision launches EV SDIR 370 camera

E-vision-EV-SDIR-370New Delhi, India, September 11, 2014: E-vision, the world’s leading provider of advanced surveillance products today announced the launch of EV SDIR 370 high speed dome camera – fit, a range of security or surveillance applications. The EV SDIR 370 makes it possible for users to have 37 megapixels (MP), high-resolution video and a 360-degree view of an area with just one camera. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments such as retail outlets, campuses, playground, warehouses and commercial buildings. It helps users to eliminate blind spots and enhance situational awareness.

This camera supports shock detection, which mechanically detects and triggers an alarm if the camera has been hit. It provides electronic image stabilization, which reduces the effects of camera vibrations (from wind or traffic) to provide clearer, more useful video. It offers the highest video resolution, enabling exceptional detail in wide and zoomed-in views. EV SDIR 370 covers 150 M IR distance with IP66 rated waterproof technology. It automatically track moving objects and thus to realize full time unattended surveillance. In addition to auto tracking and active gatekeeper-which are available in all EV SDIR models- EV SDIR has built-in video analytics such as highlight compensation (which masks bright lights for ease of viewing), object remover, fence detector, object counter and enter/exit detection. Moreover, it has 37x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom 3D location quality, which just selects the small range of point where camera will automatically zooms the selected area.

Vijay Shandilya, CEO at E-vision said, “As security needs have evolved, users expect an IR camera to provide usable video for multiple applications. The circular field of view and 37 mega pixels resolution mean that the camera’s images can be used on their own or used to complement any type of surveillance system and help make it more functional. EV SDIR 370 camera provides exceptional video surveillance and high durability for reliable performance in demanding indoor and outdoor environments. This model is the latest additions to our newly upgraded in PTZ Dome Series.” 

The EV SDIR 370 camera is equipped with many features not typically found in comparably priced products. The cameras include:

  • A 360 degree angle which reduces the number of cameras needed to cover an area
  • A built-in motion sensor that works in both light and dark environments
  • Protection- IP66 waterproof
  • Communication transmission speed- 2400/4800/9600 BPS
  • Auto tracking PTZ camera with video analysis and recognition
  • It functions like alarm tracking, auto return to preset
  • It automatically track moving objects 

EV SDIR 370 also supports automatic defog, which automatically detects fog in the scene and digitally filters it out of view for clearer video. It has better quality to enable excellent video quality in low-light conditions. With adjustable day/night functionality which allow operators to determine when the camera should automatically shift between day mode (when video is presented in color) and night mode (when video is presented in black and white) to take advantage of infrared light in low light situations. It is equipped with guard tour that enables the cameras to be automatically directed to 256 preset positions. Guard tour can be easily set up with the tour recording functionality. 

Price, Warranty and Availability

E-vision EV SDIR 370 comes with the MRP of Rs 50,000 and is available ex-stock carrying two years of warranty.

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