Biostar Announces Four New Motherboards with Braswell Refresh Processors and Featuring Biostar 6+ Technology

BIOSTAR one of the leading and strongest player in manufacturing of Motherboards and SSDs proudly announces its new line up of motherboards’J3160NH,J3060NH,J3160MD and J3160MP’ featuring exclusive 14nm Intel Braswell Refresh SoC processors that feature many improvements and deliver better performance from its older 22nm counterpart Baytrail SoC.

Starts at Price of Rs. 4,500/- the BIOSTAR new motherboards comes with 14nm processors offer a more efficient yet powerful experience than its predecessor whilst consuming less power and producing less heat. The various improvements also introduce new performance enhancements for both CPU and GPU guaranteeing a more refined visual experience.

The Biostar motherboards promises up to 40% power savings and double graphics performance. There is also 20% more memory bandwidth in the new DDR3L-1600 versus the old DDR3L-1333, plus twice the speed for storage against the older SoCs.

Key Features:

–         Braswell Refresh: With the new processor architecture comes new enhancements over the older-generation of processors. Besides improvements in processing speed, Braswell Refresh boasts a new 14nm fabrication process which gives the SoC a smaller die that needs less power (6w) and produces less heat. A heavily improved 8th-gen Intel HD Graphics processor with 12 Execution Units (EUs) is baked into the SoC compared to the 4 EUs of the older gen model. Connectivity is also improved with native support for DDR3L-1600 speeds, SATAIII and up to 4 USB3.0 devices.

–         14nm Processor: Intel’s die-shrink allows the new Braswell Refresh SoC processors to operate with less current while improving performance and allows more clock rate headroom for frequency increases on lower workloads when necessary along with the other technical advantages brought on by the die-size reduction.

–         Improved HD Graphics :An improved Intel HD Graphics GPU will be baked into the new SoCs which improves performance for multimedia tasks such as watching HD videos and better desktop graphics for productivity allowing for a richer experience with an increase in execution units to handle today’s more demanding visual processing.

–         More Memory Bandwidth: Native support for DDR3L-1600 allows the new Braswell Refresh SoCs to access memory at a faster rate for improved system responsiveness. News Service

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