ASUS Announces B85M-Gamer in India

ASUS-Gamer-seriesNew Delhi, India, February 26, 2015: ASUS has announced B85M-Gamer, a new Intel B85 Express chipset-based motherboard that marks the first micro-ATX (mATX) model in the popular ASUS Gamer series. B85M-Gamer is ready for the latest 4th- and 4th-generation Intel Core processors, and is packed with multiple exclusive game-enhancing technologies for the best gaming fun in even the smallest builds.

B85M-Gamer is engineered with the latest high-speed Intel Gigabit Ethernet networking for lag-free online gaming experience, ASUS SupremeFX technology for flawless gaming audio and exclusive Gamer’s Guardian components for exceptional durability and reliability.

The new mighty mATX motherboard includes the ASUS-exclusive AI Suite 3 tweaking toolbox to push gaming experiences further than ever before.

Fastest gaming-networking technologies built right in

B85M-Gamer benefits from Intel Gigabit Ethernet to deliver ultra-smooth online gameplay. This advanced networking technology communicates directly with Intel processors to offer exceptionally-high networking throughput, lowering overall processing demands and improving efficiency — releasing more power for games and on-screen action.

ASUS engineers used independent network-assessment tools to calculate that Intel Gigabit Ethernet technology deals with the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) data packets — which are vital for responsive gaming — up to two times (2X) faster than competing gaming-LAN technologies, giving B85M-Gamer users a crucial online-gaming edge.

B85M-Gamer also incorporates ASUS-exclusive LANGuard. This employs advanced signal-coupling technology and premium surface-mounted capacitors to improve throughput, and includes both surge protection and electrostatically-guarded components to defend against lightning strikes and static-electricity discharges. 

Size-defying gaming audio

B85M-Gamer has ASUS-exclusive SupremeFX technology built in, so gamers enjoy near-lossless audio with a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 115dB — bringing every sound detail to life.

The advanced SupremeFX audio chipset is isolated from electromagnetic interference (EMI) by a protective shield, preserving the integrity of the audio signals. Exclusive ‘red-line shielding’ horizontally separates B85M-Gamer’s audio components from the rest of the motherboard. This unique combination effectively eliminates analog interference to ensure flawless sound quality. Premium ELNA® audio capacitors are added to the mix to deliver a warmer, natural sound, completing a unique audio experience from a mATX board.

SupremeFX also has a built-in amplifier that drives high-quality headphones — all the way up to 300ohm impedance — enabling B85M-Gamer to deliver audio output that’s as great as a dedicated sound card.

Ultimate real-world protection from Gamer’s Guardian components

B85M-Gamer benefits from high-quality, highly-durable Gamer’s Guardian components for exceptional real-world protection.

Gamer’s Guardian includes onboard resettable fuses that protect the connection ports and DRAM against overcurrent and short-circuit damage, and ESD Guards on the USB ports, audio connectors and Ethernet (LAN) port ensure that B85M-Gamer is actively protected against sudden electrostatic discharge (ESD). The result is that the components last much longer.

B85M-Gamer also has Digi+, the ASUS-exclusive voltage-regulator module (VRM) that provides ultra-smooth, ultra-clean power to the processor, enhancing performance, increasing efficiency and ensuring reliability. The motherboard’s resilience is furthered still more by a stainless-steel back input/output (I/O) panel that’s chromium-plated and corrosion-resistant to last up to three times (3X) longer than traditional panels.

Pumped-up gaming fun with an exclusive tweaking toolbox

The new ASUS mATX gaming motherboard includes AI Suite 3, an ASUS-exclusive dashboard-style control panel that lets players fine-tune almost every aspect of B85M-Gamer-based systems for the best balance between performance, stability and efficiency — all via a simple and intuitive interface.

Availability & Pricing

ASUS B85M-Gamer will be available from March at a retail price (MOP) of Rs 6,365/- (inclusive of taxes). The motherboard will also come with a 3-year warranty.

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