Altium launches next generation vault for Collaboration and ECAD Design Data Management

Altium-logoSydney, Australia, June 24, 2014: Altium Limited, a global leader in Smart System Design Automation, 3D PCB design (Altium Designer) and embedded software development (TASKING), has announced the release of the next generation of Altium’s enterprise data management and collaboration platform – Altium Vault 2.0. By centralizing, managing and formalizing the component libraries, design data and team collaboration using the Altium Vault, design teams will be able to achieve significant productivity improvements and reduce potentially costly errors.

Chief Technology Officer of Altium Jason Hingston said, “Designing and maintaining engineering data demands rigor and reliability, but it should not create an administrative burden. Our development focus for this release is around collaboration and productivity – making the next generation of the Altium Vault the natural choice for design library, data and collaboration management.”

Debuting in 2010, the Altium Vault enterprise platform has been at the heart of Altium’s design data and collaboration solutions. The Altium Vault manages product versions and releases, design reuse and design library management, provides a platform for real-time collaboration, and even manages installation deployment and configuration. By implementing Altium Vault in a team’s workflow, an organisation will see improved productivity, better design reuse, and dramatically reduce the risk of human error.

The Vault provides design teams and design team leaders with:

● A centralized, shared location to manage the organization’s components and supply chain data;

● Managed copies of all templates, reference designs and current designs, complete with precise change information, version and revision history;

● The ability to effectively collaborate on projects across all design domains and even co-design in real-time on the same PCB; and

● Design environment infrastructure management tools for IT departments.

Altium has also simplified product licensing for the Altium Vault product family. The new licensing system is not only aligned with traditional enterprise software products, but offers bundles tailored toward: component management, small workgroups, and enterprise level design teams.

The new Altium Vault technology responds well to growing industry trends. A recent Aberdeen Group study shows; 81% of Best-In-Class companies reported that “component libraries are centrally built and managed” and 72% of Best-In-Class companies responded that the “entire product design team works collaboratively with PCB engineers”.


The Altium Vault is available today in three editions; Component, Workgroup, and Enterprise Editions for design teams from small to large. Altium Vault 2.0 can be purchased through Altium sales offices and authorized resellers.

For existing Altium Vault Server license holders with Subscription, the Altium Vault 2.0 Workgroup Edition is a free upgrade. Contact your Altium sales office or authorized reseller to obtain your copy.

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