OMTV and PlayBox TV unite, boosting spiritual entertainment in the premium paid category

Exciting news unfolds for spiritual seekers and enthusiasts as OMTV, a niche OTT platform specialising in spirituality, forges a powerful collaboration with PlayBox TV, a leading OTT aggregator platform. This strategic partnership aims to bring profound content to the premium paid category, revolutionising the spiritual entertainment landscape.

OMTV has been a trusted source of free spiritual content, captivating viewers with its enlightening programs. Now, through this collaboration with PlayBox TV, OMTV takes a significant leap into the premium paid market, offering an elevated spiritual experience to its dedicated audience. By joining forces with PlayBox TV, OMTV gains access to a robust distribution network and cutting-edge technology, enhancing its ability to deliver premium spiritual content to a wider audience. This expansion reflects OMTV’s commitment to providing high-quality, transformative programming that transcends boundaries.

The partnership with PlayBox TV allows OMTV to cater to the discerning needs of spiritual seekers who value insightful teachings, wisdom, and guidance. With an extensive library of spiritually enriching content, OMTV ensures a comprehensive range of programs, spanning various spiritual traditions and practices.

Speaking about the same, Nitin Jai Shukla, Founder & MD of OMTV said, “We are very excited about our new collaboration with PlayBox TV. This partnership marks a significant milestone for our viewers, as it allows us to expand our premium spiritual content to a wider audience. Through this alliance, we aim to offer an elevated and transformative spiritual experience, inspiring and empowering viewers on their spiritual journey,”

PlayBox TV, renowned for its diverse content offerings, gains an esteemed spiritual partner in OMTV. The collaboration enables PlayBox TV to strengthen its position as a comprehensive OTT aggregator platform by adding spiritually focused content to its portfolio. This mutually beneficial partnership opens new avenues for growth and innovation in the spiritual entertainment segment.

Audiences can look forward to an enhanced spiritual journey as OMTV’s premium paid content becomes available on the PlayBox TV platform. From the teachings of renowned spiritual leaders to immersive meditation experiences, OMTV’s premium programs will provide subscribers with a transformative and enlightening viewing experience.

PlayBox TV founder Aamir Mulani said , “This collaboration enriches our platform by adding a premium range of content that spans various genres and interests. With OMTV’s varied library of spiritual and edutainment programs, we are catering to the discerning needs of our viewers who seek high-quality and engaging content. Playbox TV CTO Shalindera sawant added “This alliance enhances our commitment to providing a comprehensive user experience for our valued subscribers, we are thrilled to collaborate with OMTV”

The collaboration between OMTV and PlayBox TV symbolises a collective commitment to expand spiritual awareness and foster personal growth. Both platforms aim to empower viewers by providing a curated collection of spiritually uplifting content, accessible with ease and convenience.

As OMTV embarks on this exciting chapter, the partnership with PlayBox TV paves the way for a new era of spiritual entertainment. Stay tuned for updates as OMTV’s premium paid content is seamlessly integrated into the PlayBox TV platform, enriching the lives of spiritual seekers worldwide. Together, OMTV and PlayBox TV strive to create a platform that inspires, enlightens, and transforms lives, where spirituality meets innovation, convenience, and premium content.

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