How can make an office presentation by using Prezi Video in Microsoft Teams?

Prezi Video is a visual communication tool that puts you and your content together on the same screen – helping you build stunning and interactive videos for the classroom or office with no video editing expertise required.

With Prezi Video now available as a third-party app in Microsoft Teams, business teams, educators and students now have a simpler way to create interactive and engaging live/recorded videos in minutes, without the need for background designs or professional editing skills. Through the Prezi Video app, users can also present over live video inside Teams – alongside their visual content – in real time. With most business teams now working remotely, text-only messages and email aren’t enough to keep everyone connected and engaged through the day.

Step 1: In order to add the Prezi app to your Microsoft Teams account, click on the ‘Apps’ icon on the lower left corner of your Microsoft Teams panel, type ‘Prezi’ in the search bar.

Step 2: Click on the add button after selecting ‘Prezi’ from the app library within Microsoft Teams

Step 3: And Voila! Prezi has now been integrated for free into you Microsoft Teams account. Happy creating!

With Prezi on Microsoft Teams, you can record video presentations, mini-lessons, study guides, and new assignments in your virtual classroom or workplace all while on Teams – allowing for real-time engagement and collaboration. All you have to do is select a template, visualize your main points and record, then post it to any channel on Microsoft Teams and see your message come to life.

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