Tech platforms that will help you upgrade your skills this lockdown

National lockdown is adding some active extra hours in the daily schedule of students and working professionals while they are at home. The pandemic has surely turned the pages for everyone as everything has slowed down but the technology is helping the wheel to keep moving. In the middle of the entire disruption, digital learning and ed-tech players are proving to be blessings in disguise. People are making most of their time by indulging in various activities to upgrade their skills and knowledge by leveraging tech mediums. On regular days, people pull them back to pursue the activities they wanted to do. Due to lockdown, the shrinkage in travel time has allowed them to accomplish the long-awaited list of activities. Some of the tech platforms are helping people to identify the best opportunity to cope up with time these days.

Here is the list of few platforms which you can also opt to give your lockdown a new curve: 

  • CareerEx– Addressing the growing need to upskill students to create a future-ready workforce Panasonic has designed CareerEx. It is aimed at college and university students to advance their skillset with emerging technologies such Data Science, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning/AI and Internet of Things to name a few.
  • MeVero – Apart from heavy working hours, people are finally taking some time for their lost passion and hobbies. But the ages of disconnect, draw them back to go ahead with it. But here one platform – MeVero Inc which can help them connect with people of similar passion and build a community of their own. MeVero Inc is a digital platform that enables Pursuit of any Passion by offering a social community of people similar passion and personalized curated knowledge in the area. It is India’s first AI-powered platform of applications and tools for the effective pursuit of happiness. It enables people to pursue their life purpose(s) whereby they can learn, create, network, collaborate and join constructive communities based on common goals, undertake and showcase projects and finally monetize their skills.
  • Coding Ninjas  Edtech platforms are helping students to attain additional skills during this lockdown. In this competitive world, knowledge will never be enough especially speaking of the technology world. The world has become dynamic and technology advances every new day. Coding Ninjas offers world-class teaching faculty and a state-of-art learning platform for Coding education. Coding Ninjas teaches courses in Programming fundamentals as well as advanced courses such as Machine Learning, Data Science, Web Development, etc. The courses are completely online and are available in both English and Hindi languages.
  • MakemeBetter – It is the accurate time to work up on your professional and personality development. Make Me Better app is like a daily source of personality development articles, self-help tips, productivity ideas, motivational quotes, and life hacks to help you improve and enhance your personality. All the articles and life-changing stories are written in short and summarised form, which are easy to remember and practical in real life too. It is like a social media feed for intellectuals or for someone who wants to get better.

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