5 reasons to invest in a UPS for connectivity and device protection

Most businesses have been forced to shift to a work from home model. Professionals from all walks of life have gone virtual including teachers, IT, Marketing, Sales, HR, creating a huge spike in the overall electricity consumption. Not just working professionals but even students and home makers need to be constantly connected. However, power outage is a regular problem causing disruption in our workflow. Uninterrupted power is not only the key to a productive workday but also unwinding post work hours.

Lights go out, office calls drop and productivity screeches to a halt as soon as the power goes off. With UPS (uninterrupted power supply), you can remove “power outage” and “voltage fluctuations” from your list of worries. UPS is also an important equipment for critical devices such as Desktop PC, WiFi Router and Modem, LED TV, Gaming Console. Energy surges, spikes or dips cause fluctuations and irregularities that can adversely affect your equipment and your data. UPS systems provide a clean, consistent, and uninterrupted power flow that protect your valuable data and gadgets. Here is why having a UPS is a boon in the new normal:

  1. Protects during power surges and spikes and ensures continuity:

With regular power spikes or blackouts, a UPS stands as an alternate reliable source of power supply. You can resume or stay connected to your work without getting disconnected in case of longer power cuts. UPS can stabilize the voltage from the main electrical systems as well as smoothens it out. If a surge hits, whether from lightning or any other source, the UPS senses it immediately and easily switches to a battery power as well as shields anything connected from erratic voltage.

  1. Guaranteed data protection and saves time:

Is there anything more frustrating than not saving your document and there is a power cut? With the protection of UPS system back up, you will not face such tough times. UPS can keep your system running and allows adequate time to you for storing or saving your data and then shuts your system down safely if needed.

  1. Filters & refines power to your sensitive devices:

A line-interactive UPS acts as a kind of filter by refining the power supple that comes into the UPS and then adjusts to its output so that internal systems receive a consistent, clean supply of power free of abnormalities. It redefines the quality of power as it reaches your equipment, office, building or household for that matter.

  1. Maintains battery life and consistency:

A UPS allows you to work on operation mode even when there is a power cut as it maintains constant charging once you connect your UPS to the battery. Working through UPS gives you a smooth and seamless experience of managing and handling your devices without having to fret about any sort of interruptions.

  1. Avoids any damage and saves cost:

Don’t we always run to switch off all our expensive gadgets whenever we hear a thunder or lightning? This is the same reason why having a UPS connected to most of your household or firm machinery acts as a great support and avoids any fuse or unnecessary damage, which in turn saves cost.

UPS is a foremost need in all business organizations as well as households. It is one of the best options for alternate temporary power. If you are looking for a perfect fit for your home office and personal needs, it is important to find the best solution that falls under your budget.

Article By: APC by Schneider Electric

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