3 Tech innovations by Hero Electronix assisting consumers to deal with the COVID pandemic effectively

With the entire country reeling under the pressure of the pandemic, it is imperative that our houses are equipped to handle the challenges. Technological innovations that ease distancing even within our homes are extremely crucial in the current context. Hero Electronix has a wide range of smart home products to make the pandemic much easier to combat at home. With families isolating themselves and maintaining distance from each other, it is vital to have smart technology around to help in doing so.

Hero Electronix’s Brand, Qubo has all products linked to an All in one smartphone app that marries key information from the entire smart home ecosystem range of products and displays contextual information that empowers you to keep you near and dear ones safe. With these different Qubo Smart Home Devices you can easily add one more layer of protection and safety around your Home and loved ones during this pandemic.

Qubo Home Security Outdoor Camera

With its breakthrough AI features, you can now secure every aspect of your life like keeping a check on who is at the door at home or at your small shop. With its innovative Face Mask Detection feature it helps consumers track those people outside their homes (essential service deliveries such as ecommerce, groceries or food deliveries) to ensure that they are masking up properly. This is also ideal to use across small essential shops or clinics to ensure all safety measures are being met by those entering the premises. Hero Electronix has seen an increase in use cases across the country, especially by small shops who are only allowed to open during scheduled hours. The camera is enabling them to avoid overcrowding across their stores and encourage COVID appropriate behaviour.

The camera is available at an accessible price point of INR 3,990 on Amazon. 

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Qubo Smart Video Doorbell

Hero Electronix’s new Qubo Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell – a smart and new-age product eliminates the stress of answering the doorbell for essentials, always keeping you connected to your front door from anywhere, anytime. This product by Hero Electronix not only lets you do an instant video call with your visitors but also works as a full HD AI security camera for your entrance. Product is highly relevant in the current context wherein you can minimize your exposure to the outside world by smartly communicating through this doorbell and hence you don’t need to open the door every time it rings. The product is customizable and designed to solve the needs of a variety of Indian households from small and large apartments to standalone villas. Given smartphones have become ubiquitous, this new-age video doorbell has been designed to directly video call your smartphone, existing smart tablets/TV thereby eliminating the need and wiring hassles of separate indoor units which come with traditional door phones.

Qubo Smart Video Doorbell is priced at INR 6,990 and the company also built an installation network to support this product. 

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Qubo Smart Indoor Camera with Alexa Built-In Speaker 

The Qubo Smart Indoor Camera is more than just a security camera. You can keep a check on your loved ones who are isolated in different rooms without coming in contact with them.

Qubo comes with the best in class 1080p FHD camera with an ultra wide lens of 140 degrees, making live monitoring quite easy. It comes with a built-in speaker and mic, thus enabling two way talk, so that you can hear what’s happening at home and instantly talk back straight from the Qubo app without bothering the isolating individuals or venturing into their rooms. This smart camera also has Alexa built in for voice interactions and a Zigbee hub which can help consumers integrate more IoT devices across their homes to create a touchless ecosystem of devices aimed at monitoring the well being of their loved ones.

This device comes with an Advanced Face recognition feature which allows you to store faces in the device and then you can get notified and even set smart routines whenever that face is detected in the house.

This device is available at an accessible price point of INR 9,990 on Amazon.

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