“We’ve learnt to be patient with things, and we would never want to change that about us”- Bhavyassh Agarwaal, Co-founder of TheChairr

Co-founder-of-TheChairr-Bhavyassh-AgarwaalWhat is unique about your Start-up?

TheChairr is a tech based beauty, grooming and wellness business head quartered in Mumbai.

  • This first of its kind website lets users discover their ‘next look’ or ‘next experience’ based on the past work of service providers and not just prices.
  • The range of services extends from salons, spas, tattoo artists, mehendi artists, massage therapists, beauticians to dermatologists, cosmetologists and nutritionists.
  • Not only for female users. Owing to the rise of well-groomed and conscious men, and with the co-founders being men themselves, the unisex website design-experience promises to lure in the male users as well.
  • com’s USP is the simplicity with which ithelps users find and directly connect with Grooming, Beauty and Wellness service providers. Users can share their experiences, showoff a new haircut, makeup etc for other users to get inspired.
What is the need you are addressing in the market?

The look good and feel good trend in India’s youth, comprising 53 percent of the total population according to NSDC India Report,is leading to an exponential growth of the beauty and wellness market.

TheChairr will be the go-to place for anyone’s grooming, beauty and wellness service needs. The users can refer to the skills, past experiences, ratings for each service provider based on previous clients’ interactions, which is not available in the market. They can discover and make an informed decision, simply call the outlet or freelancer for an appointment without any tiresome online booking channels and directly pay at the venue.

Please share numbers of founders, vendors/Product/services offered and current business size.

Ebrahim and Bhavyassh are the 2 co-founders of TheChairr.com. TheChairr.com has a rapidly growing network of 1200+ outlets & professionals and over 15 multi-store brands.

We have registered a number of vendors that have validated our business model and concept by partnering with us even before the website has gone live:

– Luxurious Spas like L’Occitane Spa, Sukho Thai, O2 Spa, The Four Fountain Spa, Sohum Spa and more.
– Salon Chains with pan India presence such as Naturals Salon, Saks Salon, Envi Salon, Shahnaz Husain, Warren Tricomi, Elle Salon, Pep Salons, Enrich Salon and more.
– Leading Skin, Hair and Beauty Clinics covering Dr.Batra’s, Kaya Skin Clinic, RichfeelTrichology Clinics, Skin Story, Ageless Clinics and more.
– Prominent Freelance Professionals inclusive of OjasRajani, TabeerAmrohi, AditiMehra and many more.

Are you looking to raise any funds? What are your plans to use this funding for?

We have received the seed investment when our idea was being conceptualized, which helped us develop a working product ready to launch.

Have you had to pivot your business in any way that has worked for you?

Yes, meeting people from the industry and otherwise has helped us a lot. We’ve been fortunate to discover these things and receive some criticism as well as suggestions, which has only improved the product features for the better. Features of TheChairr are now something we can see the industry players as well as users actually taking benefit of.

What is your current team size? How do you keep your team motivated? What is your office culture like?

We spend enough time with a new team member the initial few days to make him or her understand and believe in the idea. It is important for them to think of TheChairr as their own and get that spark of excitement earlier on in the journey. Though we strongly believe that positive movements in the business like new signups, more organic followings on social media, new clients etc put together with personal learning and growth are enough to motivate a team member who feels that the startup is getting closer to its goal because of their achievements and skills.

Tell us about your Entrepreneurial journey ?

We risked it all and began our journey into the exciting wellness, beauty, grooming industry. 

This space has been a life changing experience for the both of us. Being involved in the Hospitality and Logistics industries before TheChairr has only been an added advantage as they both are service oriented, customer focused sectors. Stakeholders (users, vendors, investors) satisfaction has been our prime objective while exploring and conceptualizing the product. TheChairr.com is a platform crafted to enable the beauty, grooming and wellness industry players compete on the basis of their skills, which promises to flourish each and everyone in the supply chain, starting from academies, freelancers, outlet and brands, product manufacturers, knowledge providers and finally finishing up with clients. 

We’ve been involved in this space through TheChairr for little over a year now.

Some Business fundamental that you strongly believe in and would never want to change?What has been your biggest learning from it?

We’ve learnt to be patient with things, and we would never want to change that about us. Most entrepreneurs get frustrated when things don’t workout as planned and often get tired in the process, which leads them to give up.

Any start-up lessons you will like to give entrepreneurs?

Never give up on things you are passionate about.  You’ll be amazed when the things you thought made no sense give you better results than the most tried and tested ways.

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