“We are the only ones focused on building Employee-centric digital operations”- Employee Experts Co-Founders Mr. Srinivasulu Mallampooty and Mrs. Maragathavalli Inbamuthiah

Employee-Experts-Co-FoundersWhen and how the idea of Employee Experts flourished?

Life calls for a big decision and Employee Experts was one such decision we took together. During the second half of 2010 we took a decision to not move the family out of Bengaluru, which meant that Srini had to give up his work at Mumbai. By that time Maggie had left Infosys. So, we faced the next big question WHAT NEXT?

Having worked in large corporates at global levels for a long time and having one entrepreneurial stint earlier – the pull of doing something new and big, was strong. This guided us towards building a new Enterprise tool to connect Employees and Operations on aSingular platform in seamless way.

Specifically, we were seeing the changing trends in the workplace due to changing Technology, advent of Social and Mobile and entry of digital natives and millennials into the work force and realized that the existing decades-old applications built on traditional Organizational models with department-centric processes lacking sufficient end user focus will not be able to meet the evolving customer needs.

This is how Employee Experts took shape as we reimagined the workplace from the employee’s point of view and built a platform from scratch that allows employees to connect, collaborate, work and manage their operations We don’t have a garage, so it was more like a bedroom start up, as we worked out of a corner table overlooking the lake, where Srini put in the first few lines of code that would later morph into a global platform supporting end-to-end Employee operations on Cloud. Having worked together as a team for 10+years, discussing work 24×7 was not an issue for us and so the ideas and concepts were discussed and debated on the dining table, in the kitchen and on long drives and most of the involving kids. That was the most exciting part – to answer to kid’s questions on what in the world we were talking about. 

Could you please tell us about Employee Experts?

Corporate world, as we see around us has evolved through different stages. In 1930s enterprises that existed as informal setups, transformed into an organized structures classified into departments. Between 1980 and 2000, led by GE, business processes were re-engineered and automated using Technology. ERPs were created in this period. The next transformation was ushered in with Web 2.0 when Amazons and Dells of the world redefined how customers can avail services.

Employee Experts’ platform ESP intends to help Organizations get ready for the next wave of transformation as we see it. Organizations are moving the focus to People i.e. their employees to deliver most value to their customers and make a bigger impact in the market. The nature of People has also evolved with a distributed workforce who may or may not be directly employed by the organization.

Employee Experts provides an employee-centric SaaS platform to manage all Employee operations in a boundary-less manner.  For example, Hiring as a process from an employee-centric view is a function that starts with a requisition and goes through candidate selection, candidate engagement, background verification, induction and on-boarding, all as a single process on one system irrespective of the type of stakeholders and departments involved.

What kind of Products and Services are available on Employee Experts?

At Employee Experts, we have built a platform that provides a one-touch work experience for the employees. It focusses on enhancing Employee experience and engagement in all touch points with the Enterprise.

The idea is to have one simple and singular platform covering Unified Talent Management, Employee Operations. Employee Service, Employee Engagement, Collaboration and Workforce Analytics. It’s a comprehensive platform where all processes have been re-imagined from the employee point of view thus collapsing all the department walls.

Our main product is – ESP which is a SaaS based Integrated Employee Operations platform and covers HR, Collaboration, Work Management and Enabling functions. Unlike traditional ERPs, it doesn’t have Functional/Departmental constraints. It comes with a simple to use Interface, Hybrid Architecture and highly efficient code footprint makes ESP easy and quick to implement, adopt and use, minimizing transition, training and change management costs. In addition, ESP has in-built real time Business Analytics and operational dashboards to provide meaningful insights for decision making.

Employee Service Platform is built on Open Source and available customers on the Cloud in a subscription based model. The platform is adaptable to host 50-year old traditional conventional, hierarchical organizations as well as new-age start-ups which are people-centric and have radically modern processes. The platform is available on mobile as well as desktop.

What are latest industry trends in employee-centric platforms for businesses?

With the millennials coming into work force and new business models emerging, organizations are moving towards non-traditional processes. Organization structures are becoming flatter and more fluid and people are becoming the backbones. The advances in Social and Mobile technologies and availability of Cloud provides a good opportunity to provide a great employee experience that is flexible, available all the time and at a low cost compared to the traditional on premise installations of huge ERPs.

As a result, the current trend in the industry is Digital operations. There is a huge effort to move towards Cloud and digitization of business operations. Organizations are eager to social and mobile technologies to drive collaboration and engagement among employees.

However, most of the solutions available have done one of the three: 1) Created a “cloud” version of existing on-premise, huge, inflexible ERP. 2) Built cloud applications and apps for existing business processes built on traditional hierarchical organizations 3) Provided piece meal solutions Ex: Collaboration tool mimicking social networks with no direct impact to work management or work context.

Employee Experts is addressing this need in a holistic way by providing a platform to bring people and work together with processes designed to suit today’s agile non-traditional organizations.

What is the USP of Employee Experts?

We are the only ones focused on building Employee-centric digital operations to enable enterprises manage the future of work at this point in time.

Below are the unique features that define our product:

  • New Technology built for Cloud The platform is built for Cloud/SaaS on a new architecture and fresh code using new technologies. It is faster to implement (decision-to-deployment timelines), efficient at run time (needs a fraction of computing power compared to legacy ERP players), and very easy to use (better adoption and significantly reduced change management effort).
  • Singular Platform Ours is the only platform/product that automates all of employee operations in an enterprise on a singular platform. This completely eliminates the need for having 4-8 different products from different vendors to address the needs of enterprise automation. Singularity also eliminates interfaces and manual workarounds, thus reducing the work and accelerating operations in an enterprise.
  • Employee Centricity Our platform is built with Employee Centric philosophy unlike all other departmental/functional focused legacy ERPs. The people focus of our platform has resulted in a better experience (similar to consumer technology) with in-built collaboration tools supported by information, intelligence, business rules driven workflows and notification engine.
  • Boundary-less Eco-System People centric architecture enables both internal stakeholders (Employees) and external stakeholders (recruitment agencies, background verification agencies, customer, etc.) to access the singular platform to complete a business process end-to-end. This completely eliminates emails, manual follow-ups and multiple versions of the documents sharing.
  • Real Time People Operational Analytics Being a Singular tool to manage all of People operations in an enterprise, the platform has very powerful analytics around organizational design, HR reporting and people analytics. These features are inbuilt in to the base platform.
  • Faster implementation Associated L2 Ops Support to Customers by dedicated HR consultants, supporting Customers with data collation, cleanup and reformatting it as part of implementation work.

Could you please tell us about your operations in India?

Employee Experts was established in 2011. Today we are 35 members organization with programmers and HR consultants to support customers. We have clients across verticals like education, healthcare, tech companies and we also work with a few fortune 500 companies. We are currently serving 15 customers with 1,80,000+ employees, running their people operations on the platform. This includes a global Fortune 500 customer and customers with multi-country operations. We are currently operational in India, US, Middle East & Germany.

What is Employee Experts doing differently to increase its market share in India?

Employee Experts has taken a very different path from the recent wave of start-ups India has been witnessing. We spent the last four years deliberately in stealth mode, building a product that is robust and offers deep and wide functionality and implementing it with new age as well as traditional companies to establish the fitment and extensibility of the platform.  We are building the business in a traditional way, creating a scalable product before taking it to market and building the customer base.

Simplifying enterprise operations by reimagining processes from employee perspective is a radical idea and we are working with influencers to visualize and talk about the possibilities a singular boundary-less platform can offer.

We consciously work with early adopters who can extract the maximum value from our platform before reaching out to the wider audience.

We have kept our business model also simple making it easy for customers to work us. In addition to technical support that comes with traditional SaaS offering, we also provide L2 operational support to help customers navigate through process complexities.

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