“In this time frame, we want to dominate this field related to Numerology and be the default choice for parents” – By, NaamVidya Team

1. Tell us in brief about your website?

Numerology and Name Numerology as a science has been around for more than 5000 years. NaamVidya offers this science to people in a modern and simpler way without any mysticism. The services are offered through the website www.naamvidya.com, where we assist people looking for balanced names for their new-born or for new companies/brand basis the science of NaamVidya numerology.


2. How did you decide to come up with this concept?

We started NaamVidya for 3 reasons.

 Awareness: Not many are aware that there is a science that measures the direct correlation between the vibration of names and numbers. It is absolute mathematics and this intrigued us to dwell deep into it. In fact among the first few initiators of this science was Pythagoras, the great Greek philosopher and mathematician. However, this awareness is lacking and people tend to classify it with occult science such as Astrology, Tarot, Palmistry etc…Our goal here is to clear this misconception and spread awareness about the benefits of choosing a balanced name.

 Mysticism: The second reason was the mysticism surrounding this wonderful science. Without understanding the origins, and with very limited knowledge of the subject, some practitioners commoditised this science and used it as a scare tactic to make money.

Availability: Numerology as individuals from their home currently practise a science, most has very limited knowledge of the subject and charges a hefty sum. As such, people either had difficulty finding a genuine numerologist or found them too expensive to avail a service.

 3.What are the challenges you faced building this app?

 The biggest challenge that we faced was around content writing. Since the entire model involved around making people resonate with the mathematics of name, explaining the concept in the simplest of fashion was critical. Articulating the complexity and technicalities of Numerology is such a way that even a layman would understand was not easy. In fact, we struggled for months finding the right expertise, but couldn’t find any. Content writers were either too technical focused or complete philosophical. The blend was impossible to find.

 4. How did you overcome those challenges?

 After struggling for almost 2 months, we decided to everything in-house. Right from all different name analysis report, to content on how Numerology affects our lives has been written in-house.

 5. How much capital have you invested in the company so far?

 Initial investments have been low since we managed to create everything in-house. Our development partner helped build the backend systems and all the content required for the website too has been written by us. Bulk of the marketing activity too has been managed internally.

 6.Explain us in brief the benefits of this app to a startup?

Starting a business or venture is an emotional decision as it has aspiration, ambition, hard work and investments of the creator. The first and the foremost part of starting a venture is to give a name to your business or brand. Not only is it an identity that you and your employees will emotionally connect with, but also is the first thing that your customers will learn and through which make an impression about you and your product/service.

Fortunately, the power and vibration of Characters, Sound, and Numbers don’t restrict themselves to just humans, their personalities & their destinies. Their influences are equally felt in business names too.

Basis the nature of the business and the founders’ date of birth, we suggest balanced business names to start-ups, which will help in getting the right vibration for success.

7. So far, how many visitors do you have on your website?

This has been the most exciting part of the journey! While traffic is a function of marketing spend, in these initial months itself the website attracted a traffic of more than 15K visitors per month & this is growing at the rate of 30% Month on Month. What is even more encouraging is the bounce rate that we have seen – which is around 2-3%, which is exceptionally low by industry standards. And this confirms that people are relating to our story and proposition. Of this traffic, parents of new-borns constitute approximately 50% of this traffic.

 8. Where do you see yourself in next three years?

In this time frame, we want to dominate this field related to Numerology and be the default choice for parents looking for names for their children or founders looking for business names or brand names. We also realize this knowledge of names and how it shapes one’s personality can be used in many other ways cause understanding human nature and why people behave in a certain way has rich applications.

9. Give us a brief detail about founders of the company?

The founders at NaamVidya come from a varied background having a deep interest in Numerology and also skills in technology and marketing helping them present this ancient science in a very modern and simple way.

 Trishul Arora: Trishul comes 15 years of experience having worked with IT multinationals like Oracle, SAP etc. An ardent follower of Advaita philosophy, he comes with deep expertise in Numerology & has been regular at advising Numerology aspirants on the science. He heads the Philosophy at NaamVidya.

 Nilesh Desai: Nilesh did his MBA in Sales and Marketing and worked with companies like Oracle, Symantec etc for 20 years before taking the entrepreneurial route and manages the Digital Marketing activities for NaamVidya.

 Shalesh Trehan: Shalesh always loved numbers and with a Masters in Mathematics, the fondness to understand the role numbers play in our life came to him naturally. He has previously worked in organisations like Oracle, AMD. He manages Operations at NaamVidya.

Anil Nandalike: Anil heads the technical practice and is the CTO of NaamVidya. With over 24 years of experience in running a technology practice of his own, he and his team are responsible for incorporating all the advanced NaamVidya numerological algorithms into systems.

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