“Helo crossed more than 1 million downloads within the very first month of its India launch in June 2018” – By, Mr. Shyamanga Barooah, Content Operations, Helo

Shyamanga Barooah Content Operations HeloWhat is Helo?

Helo is India’s leading regional language social media platform that is currently available in 14 regional languages including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam among others. Helo is not available in English and is specifically designed to tap the next 500 million Internet users in the country. The app allows users to make new friends, share the latest and top trending topics, jokes, memes, status updates, wishes, quotes, shayari and Bollywood news as well as interact with their favourite celebrities.

What makes Helo different from other platforms in the same category?

  • Helo is specifically designed for regional users across the country and is a visual platform driven by user generated content that is available in 14 regional languages.
  • Helo is backed by an advanced Artificial Intelligence technology that constantly improves and customises content according to the user’s evolving interest in various topics across content categories. The more a user interacts with the app, the more personalised the recommendations would be.
  • Helo is a visual platform driven by user generated content. Users can easily create content with easy-to-use tools, and to easily share the latest and top trending jokes, memes, status updates, wishes, quotes, shayari and Bollywood news
  • Along with the AI engine, Helo has tied up with a number of organisations, including media houses and Alt News to not just generate new content for the app but also work with the AI engine to weed out malicious, inappropriate and fake content from the app.

What kind of content is the most popular on your platform?

We’ve seen across regions the rise in terms of popularity of user-generated content in the form of trending jokes, memes, wishes, quotes, shayari and Bollywood news. Product features that helped Helo in gaining popularity include our multi-picture feature, our repost feature as well as the Helo trends page, which provides updates on trending topics and conversations in real-time.

What are the most popular languages on the app?

We’ve been seeing consistent growth from all the languages on our platform, but we’ve been seeing the most growth from the following regional languages: Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Gujarati.

Helo is available in which Indian languages?

Helo empowers native language speakers to better express themselves by consuming and sharing viral content, celebrity news, trending topics and more in the following languages:

  • Hindi
  • Telugu
  • Tamil
  • Malayalam
  • Marathi
  • Gujarati
  • Oriya
  • Bengali
  • Kannada
  • Punjabi
  • Assamese
  • Haryanvi
  • Rajasthani
  • Bhojpuri

How many users do you have in India? 

We’re thrilled to share that we garnered 25 million monthly active users within the first six months of launch. We foresee a 300% increase in number of active users in 2019. Helo crossed more than 1 million downloads within the very first month of its India launch in June 2018, and has been consistently ranked among the top free apps on the Google Play Store.

Who are the main content creators? I understand that the content is user-generated – who are the top 10 content creators in each language?

Our most popular creators on the platform are a mix of celebrities, content creators and media organisations. They include:

  • Riythvika

She is Big Boss 2 Tamil Winner and has 526.2K followers

  • RioRaj

Rio Raj is a television actor and video jockey. He has 423.6K followers

  • Makapa Anand

Ma Ka Pa Anand is an Indian television presenter who has been working with Star Vijay.He has 439.5K followers

  • Priyanka Deshpande

Priyanka Deshpande is an Indian television presenter in the Tamil television industry. She has 407.1K followers

  • Yashika Aannand

Yashika Aannand is an Indian film actress and model of Punjabi descent, who predominantly works in Tamil cinema. She has 358.8K followers

  • Vijay Television

Vijay Television is a leading tamil language entertainment channel. The official account has 241.7K followers

  • Prateek Mutha

He calls himself a humor creator and has a YouTube Cannel called Prateek ka Gyan. He is from Jodhpur and has 216.1K followers

  • Aaj Tak

Aaj Tak is an Indian Hindi language news channel owned by TV Today Network which is part of Living Media Group. The news channel has 89.6K followers

  • Malvika Sharma

She is an actress, model and has 151.6K followers 

How are you different from Sharechat?

At Helo, our focus is not about our competitors but rather on our users. We are constantly improving the product and user experience is one of our main priorities. We have a great product experience with localized, personalized content recommendations powered by a best-in-class AI engine, as well as easy-to-use tools to help create user generated content. Our primary ethos behind the product is that if you have a great product, users will come to you.

Has the company internally acknowledged the presence of misinformation/fake news/political propaganda on the platform? If yes, what steps have you taken to control its spread?

At Helo, we take issues such as misinformation and fake news very seriously. This is why we work very closely with our local content review and moderation team in harnessing our algorithms to review and take down inappropriate content according to our Community Guidelines. Apart from having the best-in-class local content moderation team, we are constantly looking to mitigate the threat of fake news by partnering with Alt News, a local, non-partisan fact-checking partner authority. Starting last month, Alt News is holding a series of training sessions to equip our team of local content moderators with tools and methodology to address fake news.

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