Orange 5G services now in Amman and Irbid

Orange ( 5G services available to prepaid and postpaid mobile, home, and business subscribers; More opportunities will be available thanks to 5G’s higher speeds, enhanced connectivity, and low latency.

Leading a new digital development, Orange Jordan launched its 5G services in several areas in Amman and in Irbid. This announcement comes as an extension of the company’s 5G journey, as Orange Jordan was first to Pilot the 5G in the Kingdom in November 2022, and the first to enable the 5G network in Amman, enabling subscribers to explore the new service for free.

Orange Jordan 5G launch was announced by its CEO, Philippe Mansour, in a press conference held Tuesday July 11, 2023, at the Innovation Hub in the Orange Digital Village in Amman, attended by Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Ahmad Hanandeh, Chairman of the board and CEO of the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission TRC, Eng. Bassam Alsarhan, partners, media and Orange Jordan’s Chairman of the Board Dr. Shabib Ammari and executive management.

The conference featured two panels: the first one addressing understanding of 5G technology and its significance to Orange Jordan and the Kingdom; the second one focusing on the distinguished services, offers launched by Orange Jordan, and the new features that make 5G exceptional, including high speed, low latency and enhanced connectivity.

The company affirmed that 5G offers were designed to ensure best value in speed, capacity, and innovation at competitive prices to cater to all users and their diverse needs, especially amid excitement to utilize the new technology and its potential.

Jerome Henique, CEO of Orange Middle East and Africa stated on this occasion; “Orange Jordan is the second Orange country to launch 5G in Middle East & Africa enabling massive development for main infrastructure and accordingly accelerated digital transformation, smart cities, and many use cases in diverse industries such as entertainment, health, manufacturing, education and transportation”.

The announcement of the official launch comes after Orange Jordan completed the necessary infrastructure to provide 5G through its network in several locations in Amman and Irbid, in the first stage, and will continue the 5G expansion to cover more areas as per the timeframe set.

Philippe Mansour, CEO of Orange Jordan commented on this occasion: “We are proud to be in the lead of the digital development in Jordan. We will provide 5G as a responsible digital leader that contributes to digital transformation and the culture of innovation to drive sustainable development and keep everyone connected to all that matters to them. This game-changing technology will allow us all to discover new opportunities and can be utilized to promote economic growth, job creation, and enhance the quality of life in Jordan”.

5G services will be available in carefully designed offers and packages to all fixed and mobile internet, both for prepaid and postpaid lines, to cater to individuals, homes, and businesses, while that the company continues the rollout in more regions under a set timeframe, utilizing the global Orange group’s leading expertise in 5G rollout.

The 5G launch falls under Orange Jordan and the TRC’s agreement signed in August 2022, and the 5G frequencies license in February 2023 obtained by the company, making Orange Jordan the only provider in the Kingdom offering all technologies for internet, including fixed internet through fiber and ADSL, mobile internet through its 4G and 4G+ networks – as the company remains the exclusive 4G+ provider- and now 5G.

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