Fujitsu to provide Cargotec with global workplace and infrastructure IT services enhancing user experience and increasing productivity

Fujitsu announced that it will start providing Cargotec workplace and infrastructure IT services globally by October 2023. The portfolio will include user-experience focused, data-driven IT services to digitally transform Cargotec’s global operations. As outlined on an earlier agreement, Fujitsu also provides workstations to Cargotec.

Finland-based Cargotec Corporation, listed in Nasdaq Helsinki and a leading provider of cargo and load handling solutions with 11,700 employees and operations in more than 100 countries, selected Fujitsu as partner based on its strong track-record in delivering modern workplace services for end-users. It was important that the new partner would understand the industry Cargotec operates in and would proactively help Cargotec to use existing IT tools more effectively, while keeping their budget under control.

Fujitsu is known as a leading Workplace and Infrastructure services provider on a global level (1). Fujitsu understands the mechanisms by which workspace modernization leads to better employee experience and increased productivity. One of Fujitsu’s key differentiators globally is the scope of its IT services covering also both device services and on-site support. Fujitsu’s services meet strict quality criteria, and for example there are hundreds of information security experts working at Fujitsu in Europe alone.

Cargotec’s new service desk, one of the IT infrastructure services provided by Fujitsu, will digitize its support contact services by leveraging Fujitsu’s interactive AI virtual agent solution for IT operations inquiries from its own employees. The new service desk leverages the knowledge it has accumulated to respond to inquiries, enabling fast, easy problem resolution with self-service support and improving user experience and productivity. It also helps to further enhance the employee experience by digitizing support contact services to continue to streamline business processes.

Soili Makinen, Cargotec’s Senior Vice President of Sustainable Business Development, said, “We chose Fujitsu because it is important to us to increase our end-user satisfaction by improving their services and service experience. At the same time, we wanted to increase process efficiency and end-user productivity by better service quality and increased automation across all the processes. Also, our values and approach to sustainability align well with Fujitsu.”

Hanna Kivela, Managing Director, Vice President at Fujitsu Finland Oy, said, “We are more than happy to provide Cargotec with Fujitsu’s core distinguished ICT services and next generation, user experience focused IT solutions. Cargotec is a global market leader in its field and one of the highest profile global companies in Finland. Through our services we are also able to do close collaboration with Cargotec to help them achieve their sustainability goals by building resilient infrastructure and increasing well-being. We are truly looking forward to get our strategic partnership started.”

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