Zebronics launches its latest 5.1 Shark Tower Speakers

Zebronics-Shark-Tower-SpeakersZebronics launched its latest 5.1 Shark Tower Speakers. User can stream music to the 5.1 shark speakers through Bluetooth, & create virtual 5.1 surround for any 2 channel input. It can be easily connected to your PC, TV, MP3 player or DVD player to listen to audio from these sources. It also includes a USB port and an SD/MMC card slot along with the fully functional Remote Control.

Whether for the living room or bedroom, for music or movies, these speakers have the sound quality your system deserves and a design featuring sleek and slimline design, along with an LED Display & color changing light, to the envy of all your guests. It also features chunky rubber feet to ensure suitability on surface. The color changing lights can be set to auto or you manually select the colors. The satellites are floor standing units with stands so placing them in the room is easy and there is no hassle of wall mounting.

Pradeep Doshi, Director Zebronics said, “A performer unlike any other,  Shark 5.1 speaker, its the ultimate illustration of Zebronics – approaching acoustic perfection, while making a visual statement that is every bit as elegant and passionate as the sound. For Shark 5.1 speakers, I would say ‘Hear it to believe it” A worthy addition to the The Sound Monsters range of speakers. We are thrilled with every addition in our audio category that makes our mark stronger being no.1 in the audio category.”

The speakers with its 3-way acoustic design, 3.8cms tweeter further paired with mid range 7.6cms drivers is nothing beyond superior sound experience. Its front firing 20.3cms woofer, demonstrates the commitment to achieve incredible control and spatial, dynamic sound quality. Taking advantage of the large-capacity cabinet it produces thrilling bass tones, and a wooden enclosure system to suppress cabinet resonance.

Its massive 180 watts RMS, guarantees pure unadulterated sound which exceeds your home entertainment experience. The floor standers have been designed with the typical living room in mind. They are tuned to perform well even when placed close to a rear wall – giving you freedom to position them where you want and still achieve great sound.

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