SanDisk announces new MP3 Player designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts

SanDisk-Clip-Sport-MP3-playerMILPITAS, Calif., February 11, 2014: SanDisk Corporation, a global player in flash storage solutions, has launched SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 player, designed with a lightweight build and a clip that enables it to securely attach to clothes. The SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 player lets users enjoy their music, audiobooks or favorite radio station during workouts and outdoor activities.

Hugh Cooney, Senior Director, Strategic Business Development, SanDisk, said, “The Clip Sport MP3 is the newest addition to our line of MP3 players, and its sleek form factor, lightweight design, attached clip and long battery life make it the perfect companion for runners, fitness buffs and anyone on-the-go. The Clip Sport also comes in six different colors, and the matching headphones provide excellent sound to keep users motivated.”

The SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 player is available in a wide selection of colors and has a 25-hour battery life1. The MP3 player also features a large LCD screen for easy on-the-move navigation, and a built-in FM tuner that can interface with a fitness club’s wall-mounted TV or play the user’s favorite FM radio station. The MP3 player is also designed with a memory card slot for added capacity to carry even more music2.

Pricing and Availability

The SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 player is shipping now in the U.S. and select countries in EMEA with broader availability in the coming months, and is available in 4GB to 16GB3 capacities carrying MSRPs of $39.99 to $69.99.

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