FUJIFILM India introduces Link series of smartphone printers

FUJIFILM India, bring forth instant life to those trapped memories and stirs nostalgia among consumers, by unveiling its one-of-a-kind smartphone printer Linkseries across the country. Handy to use, these smartphone printers are connecting the new-age generations to traditional ways of preserving memories. The Link series is a game changer in the instant photo printing world. You will not only be able to see the pictures, but you can hold them and feel them physically. Moreover, you can easily personalize prints through its dedicated app Instax Biz in just one tap. When combined with Instax cameras and Instax smartphone printers, Instax Biz makes the printing experience seamless. 

Speaking about the pioneer smartphone printer Link series, Mr. Koji Wada, Managing Director, FUJIFILM India, said, “India is a rapidly growing market, whether it is consumer electronics or photo printing market and we aim to convert it into an opportunity to grow further. Our Instax division has already garnered a myriad of admirers across the world, be it cameras or smartphone printers, and now with the launch of our smartphone printer Link series, Fujifilm wants to delve deeper into the Indian market and aims to capture the minds and hearts of Indian consumers. Fujifilm stands for innovation and this series of smartphone printers will allow users to preserve memories instantly in the most innovative yet simple manner.”

From facilitating consumers with instant high-quality prints to offering functions like instax AiR and SPRAY ART, mini Link 2 is a sleek smartphone printer compatible with card-sized instax film available in three colours- soft pink, clay white, and space blue. The instax mini Link 2 offers endless creative possibilities such as sharable messages as a printable QR code and drawing with various brush types and colours. Besides, instax-Natural Mode and instax-Rich Mode makes it ideal for capturing holidays, festivals, birthdays and travel photos.

Mr. Arun Babu, Head of Digital Camera, Instax & Optical Devices Business, FUJIFILM India, opined, “In the ever-evolving market of smart technology, Fujifilm is committed to delivering cutting-edge products like Link smartphone printer series that enhance the user experience and elevate the art of photography. These smartphone printing innovations are the culmination of years of research and development tailored to smoothen consumers’ experiences by providing them instant access to their beloved memories in the form of printed images. We have just simplified the printing process in the most effective manner by making it portable enough to be connected to a smartphone. We are sure that the introduction of the Fujifilm smartphone printer series Link will pave a new roadmap to smartphone printer usage in India.” 

With the SQUARE Link smartphone printer, you can print your images in just 90 seconds. Available in two colours plain Ash White and Midnight Green, the smartphone printer is versatile in style, easy to carry around and comes with a rechargeable battery making it perfect for long shoots or vacations. It features advanced AR functions like ‘Add special FX and Add Doodle’ among others and the facility of super-imposed messages with INSTAX Connect. 

For those who believe bigger is better, the Link Wide smartphone printer is the ultimate option. This printer is capable of printing smartphone-clicked images on a wide format film (86mm x 108mm) which is twice the size of the regular card-size instax print. It allows users to take advantage of the series’ largest print size for printing smartphone images, be it a group shot or a landscape photograph. Despite producing large prints, it is compact and lightweight to use and comes in two colours: the stylish Ash White and the luxurious Mocha Gray. To keep these large prints, consumers can take home the Wide Album and the Acrylic Photo Frame. 

The Link printer range starts from Rs. 10,999/ (street price).


Combo Name

Films Included


Combo Content

Mini Link 2

Mini Link 2 Standalone




Mini Link 2 Starter Kit

10 Shots


Mini Film White Frame

Mini Link 2 Goodness Box

100 Shots


Combination of mini white frame and mini designer films

SQ Link

SQ Link Standalone




SQ Link Starter Kit

10 Shots


SQ Film White Frame 10×1

SQ Link Goodness Kit

100 Shots


Combination of SQ Film white frame & designer films

Link Wide

Link Wide Standalone




Link Wide Starter Kit

20 shots


Wide Film White Frame

Link Wide Goodness Box

100 Shots


Combination of Wide Film white frame & designer films

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