PremiumAV Launches Durable Nylon Braided USB Cable

PremiumAV announced the launch of Nylon Braided USB cable which is compatible with iPhones, iPads and Ctype connectors Smartphones. The aesthetic looking cable can charge and sync quickly and fits with any adaptor. This ultra-compact form factor makes it suitable for the people on the move and business travelers who can carry a single USB cable that serves the purpose of carrying multiple smartphone chargers.

Mr. Sanjay Garg, CEO at PremiumAV, said, “We are happy to introduce PremiumAV Nylon Braided USB Cables on Amazon. This USB cable is compatible with iPhone, iPad, or iPod and comes with lightning connector that fits all type adapter. We at PremiumAV have always introduced the products that can serve the purpose of the customer needs and requirements and we will strive hard to bring in more such quality rich products that can be easily affordable.”

PremiumAV Durable Nylon Braided USB Cable comes with a dimension 150 x 0.1 x 0.1 cm and weighs 200g. The USB cable is made up of Nylon material for its durability and the nylon fiber cloth provides protection, strength, and flexibility. It has an additional layer of protection to the lightning and USB end that helps to improve durability and reduce fraying. The USB contains high-quality copper wires that promote maximum signal quality and strength. USB is designed in a way to withstand the device from being damaged incase of fluctuation in the power.

Price, Availability and Warranty

PremiumAV Nylon braided USB cable comes with a Price range of Rs. 279/ – carrying a warranty of a month and is available immediately on Amazon.

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