Samsung Phones Cause Problems at Winter Olympics

People have a very bad tendency to love bad news. It is this tendency that has given rise to awkward statements like, “there is no news, like bad news”. Really? When someone passes away and you hear the news, do you scream “Yippee”?

Athletes that are coming from countries where access to luxuries like using a Galaxy S8+ smartphone is unheard off have the opportunity to use the devices. Samsung has created more than 4,000 special edition smartphones which were donated to the Olympians and administrators of the Winter Olympics.

The Problem

There are countries in the world where the use of a GPS enabled smart device is illegal. There are even places where they do not allow people to play real money casino games, even online to play your online games freely visit and stand a chance to win big. So this is not really a big deal. But somehow there is so much hype and attention being given to the issue.

The world is full of tyrants and sometimes making noise about something will only attract their attention to an issue giving them a chance to “show-off” how tyrannical they really are. As much as the political process is fueled by the voices of the voiceless, sometimes the “help” causes unnecessary harm.  For example, North Korea, one of the countries who have a problem with their athletes receiving smartphones, has bigger fish to fry than Olympians getting cell phones. They are facing more sanctions for nuclear tests. Did you know with your smart phone you can casino app where you can you’re your pokie game, for more find hundreds of pokies and stand a chance to win big. Sanctions which mean the sportspersons cannot take back the phones even if their government allows them. It is a really sad situation that it is the sports that get hurt from all the politicking.

Missing the Sunshine at the Pyeongchang 2018

There are a lot of other stories at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang 2018, stories that inspire people to strive for more. One of the top stories are the African Athletes at the Winter Olympics. This is not the first time that Africans have competed at the Winter Olympics but it is the biggest contingent they have ever had at the games. Maybe one of them will become the first African to win a medal at the Winter Olympics. find hundreds of pokies.

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