Infinix India Extends Warranty by 2 Months

In the wake of the nation-wide lockdown as imposed by the Government of India due to the serious situation of COVID-19 outbreak, Infinix India has announced an extension of the warranty policy for their customers’ convenience. The soon-to-be-insured consumers are going to heave a sigh of relief during the lockdown period and beyond as Infinix India extends the policy for warranty for next two months.

The extension dates for the warranty policies will be applicable to models which fall under ‘Out of Warranty’ period from March 20, 2020 till May 31, 2020. This means that anybody’s device which goes out of warranty within this period gets an automatic extension for 2 months from the date of expiration of warranty.

Speaking on the update, Mr. Anish Kapoor, CEO, Infinix India, said, “Our customers and fans are of paramount importance and we are doing everything virtually possible to service them at these difficult times. For our customers’ convenience and in line with our customer-centric values we have decide to extend the warranty on the devices by 2 months falling within and beyond the lock down period. We respect the government’s stand on the corona virus pandemic and believe it is our duty to protect our users’ interests.

Users can visit the Carlcare app on their Infinix devices to check the status of their warranty besides Carlcare is actively trouble shooting customer queries on their social handles.

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