Lapcare launches its Car Charger with Dual USB port

Lapcare-Car-Charger-with-Dual-USB-portNew Delhi, India, November 5, 2015: Travelling is associated with multiple apps these days,that lets you reach your final destination in a smooth way. Hence draining of your mobile and tablet batteries is a common occurrence. Finding the solution to this imperative problem, Lapcare one of the leading brand in IT peripherals and Smartphone/Tablet accessories, has launched the Dual USB In-Car Charger exclusively designed for the needs of the Indian audience.

The High-Speed In Car Charger is a compact, easy-to-use and portable with two dedicated USB ports(1A for Phone and 2A for Tablet/ipads) providing full power at all times. Priced at Rs 499/- this car charger allows you to charge two devices simultaneously. Attuned to charge your iPad, iPhone, MP3 Players, or any other power hungry gadgets, the Lapcare in-car charger can be compatible with 12 or 24 volt sockets. It automatically detects how to charge the connected device as fast as possible.

The charger implements the VoltIQ technology that smartly adjusts amperage and wattage to the maximum ratio required by the device, so that large devices that need more current are not deprived and at the same time smaller devices do not become over-allocated resources. The High efficiency IC (integrated circuit) is carefully placed in to control the circuit.

The robust in car charger is sleek truly portable in body and shape which can be easily slipped in the pockets. The carefully designed circuit prevents overheating and over charging of your devices while connected to the slot.

So having a portable charger to charge your devices when on the go is the necessity for most of us; and Lapcare’s in car charger serves this necessity to its best. The in car charger comes with 12months warranty and is available in colours white across leading retail stores and e-commerce portals.

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