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Headphones are one of useful device in recent days. We use headphones with desktops, laptops, mobile, mp3 players and tablets. There are many types of headphones are available in the market, like simple headphones with wire (cord), wireless (cordless) headphones, bluetooth headphones, headphones with mic, etc. Today, I’m telling you some of best headphones, which i personally used.

Sony-MDR-XB450BV-Extra-Bass-headphones1. Sony MDR-XB450BV headphones: It is perfect for those who enjoy listening to music with extra bass while in style with a frequency response of 5Hz-22000Hz. MDR-XB450BV is a step up model of MDR-XB450 with Extra Bass Boost and Vibration feature. MDR-XB450BV is a 30mm dynamic driver unit that delivers high quality, powerful sound while keeping the bass level high the for all the music lovers. In addition to the high music quality, the vibration feature further enhances the whole listening experience by giving vibration to the listeners favorite songs without diminishing the quality of vocal tracks, recreating the sound and feel of a pulsing club.

The MDR-XB450BV sports a slim, swivel folding style allowing for convenient storage in a bag, briefcase or backpack, and its pressure relieving earpads provide extended comfort for long commutes. Further, MDR-XB450BV has a flat serration cord allowing a tangle free experience while on the go.

Zebronics-Metalhead-Gaming-Multimedia-Headphone2. Zebronics Metalhead Gaming-Multimedia Headphone: The all-new gamers’ delight with the look and feel of those used by professional gamers. With deep bass and rich treble powered by 50mm drivers, it provides powerful, immersive gaming audio and superior sound isolation. Its light weight, soft foam padded ear cups, adjustable microphone and conveniently placed volume control on the headset cord add to users’ comfort for extended use. Easily connected via a long 2-meter cable terminated with a standard 3.5mm jack, it can be a potent weapon – the excellent all-round performance of the Metal Head suits the dedicated gamer and the discerning music lover or movie enthusiast alike.


3. Asia Powercom PowerSound 504 headphone with mic: It features a 10mm driver unit & 3.5mm jack with a whopping sensitivity of 96 dB for crystal quality treble and a decent base.These headphones offer a total comfort with outstanding sound quality and smartphone compatibility, letting wearers answer calls also. It features a 1.2M flat wire cable for a tangle free experience and comfortable ear plugs to soothe listener’s ear canals and to create a comfortable, perfect seal for maximum bass impact and sound isolation. PowerSound 504 is designed for the consumers seeking high-quality listening experience, anywhere anytime.

Jabra-Evolve4. Jabra Evolve: Jabra Evolve is a professional headsets that support the communication needs of knowledge workers, where 69 percent state that disturbances in the open office have a negative impact on their performance. Through advanced noise-cancellation technologies, Jabra Evolve aims to enhance productivity by offering a personal “concentration zone.” The Jabra Evolve headsets create a complete personal concentration zone that boosts focus and work satisfaction for employees in increasingly open, loud and distracting workspaces. It introduces large ear cushions with specially designed foam adapting the padding to the individual, blocking office noise.

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