Top Skill Based Poker Games for Tactical Thinkers

The quest to learn discipline, device strategies, develop risk taking abilities, be decisive and feel confident – these are the must have traits for anyone willing to succeed & excel especially in their professional lives. And these are exactly the same skills that are synonymous with the iconic game of Poker. With the doubts over Poker being a game of chance or betting now allayed for good, it is now an established fact that Poker is the most apt skill-based game for tactical thinkers. Moreover, Poker comes with Real Money Gaming options, where you can test your skills, play with those whose skill sets are similar to yours and emerge a winner. Here we have mentioned some of the best Poker gaming platforms currently functional in India. 

Mega Poker: With millions of users, this is India’s most popular skill-based gaming platform. Mega Poker is a game of nerves and self-confidence, needing not just quick calculations but also persuasive power and the ability to put on the best Poker Face no matter what your cards reveal. It has separate tables, not only for experienced and professional players, but also for beginners and intermediate players. It is a game that everyone will like because of its fair gameplay mechanics, and weeding out of bots. Simply download the game and execute the installation process to begin playing. The online poker cash game is well-balanced and requires skill to get to the next level. If you are new, then go slow, play a few games, and eventually advance to become an expert of the game. Mega Poker also offers cash back on GST, which means, you can hit a double Jackpot. 

Poker Dangal: Poker Dangal is a project that aims to change the way people play online poker in India. It is one of the most popular and fastest-growing platforms for learning a skill-based game like Poker. Those who are familiar with card games found it easy to adjust to Indian Poker. In reality, the game’s format struck a chord with those who enjoy playing Poker online in India, and it has become a regular part of the lives of millions of players around the country. Playing real money online poker is more exciting and lucrative than playing 3 card poker or Teen Patti. 

GG Poker: GG Poker operates an online poker room. The company was founded in 2014, with an initial focus on the Asian online poker market. It entered Europe in 2017 after acquiring a gaming licence from the United Kingdom. It also offers great tips for players, like- to get the action started, straddle a hand by placing an extra blind. When you’re ready to go all-in, run the board three times. Rabbit Hunt for and remove the final cards to see what may have been. Declare the cards you’ll need to win the pot and put pressure on your opponents.  Well, who knew it can be decoded so easily? All new players will be eligible for new user bonuses as well. 

Poker Stars: Poker Stars hosts the best online poker tournaments. They also hold the best weekly and yearly tournaments, as well as numerous more every day of the week. PokerStars is the only site to play tournament poker online, with a game starting every second. You’ll discover the best tournaments and games here, as well as secure deposits, quick withdrawals, and award-winning software. Champions are made here, and you could be the next. Rules and hand rankings for Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and other poker games are also available. Play with Play Money or join real money games to hone your abilities. There is no better place to learn and play poker than here. Only at PokerStars can you watch and play against Team PokerStars Pro, their top group of pro players. They have a slew of World Series bracelets, EPT and WPT crowns, and more, totaling millions in prizes. With PokerStars, you can now join them at the tables. 

A23: A23 has majorly gained popularity with its two game styles – Pot Limit Omaha & Texas Hold’em. Be thorough with the rules before you begin. To produce the finest five cards, a player must always employ two of the four cards dealt to him/her and three of the five communal cards. A user may raise any amount, which may be less than or equal to the total pot value. Enabling players to take informed decisions, its ‘Lobby’ is dependent on the ‘blind structure’ and ‘buy-in’ amount. A23 has linked up with Shah Rukh Khan for their latest campaign.

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