Skill Gaming: 5 RNG certified platforms to enjoy safe & secure Poker

Poker is a game that requires quick thinking, great analytical skills and the ability to know when to fold and when to continue. If you are a Poker lover, you must have tried your hand at online Poker games at least once. However, there is always a doubt if the game you are playing (especially with Real Money) is truly offering fair play or is there a chance of sabotaging the game. Random Number Generator or RNG Certification ensures that the cards distributed are random and the winner wins only because of their skills. It cuts down mathematical calculations of probability and chances of calculated wins. If a game does not have RNG certification, simply strike it off your list. If you love Poker, here are the online Poker games that have RNG certification, thereby ensuring that only your skills would be at play.

Mega Poker

It’s a Real Money game that puts your skills, persuasiveness, and ability to keep your best poker face regardless of what your cards show to the test. It is not just apt for seasoned and professional players, but for beginner players and intermediate players too. It’s a game that everyone will love, with flawless gaming mechanics and a guarantee of fair play for all players. RNG certification ensures that you can play the game with the assurance of fair play. It also weeds out bots from time to time. To begin playing, simply download the game and run the installation process. With the promise of fair play, you can study, test your talents, and advance to the next level. One can start slowly, play a few games, and eventually master the game. Mega Poker already gives up to 100% payback on GST, making it a win-win situation.

Video Poker

It provides the most authentic video poker games of any online platform, with 39 games. They have a Skills Trainer for every game type. It is a popular RNG-certified game that mixes the excitement of slot machines with poker strategy. This game has a high payout percentage and allows players to earn well if they get a Royal Flush. When you play Video Poker on a platform that has RNG certification, you can fully enjoy the thrill of the game while remaining confident in its fairness. Video Poker Classic includes your favourite video poker games with actual card shuffling, casino paytables, and live dealing for a true Las Vegas experience.

Governor of Poker 3

The best multiplayer poker game with a wonderful design is this one. In this multi-player version of Governor of Poker, you compete against thousands of real poker players in real time to prove you’re the best Texas Hold ’em poker player! Even if you don’t have an internet connection or prefer to play at your own pace, it has a plethora of options that can assist you in becoming a better poker player or organising a poker tournament at home. The Random Number Generator (RNG) utilised in Governor of Poker 3 games has been approved by iTech Labs, a laboratory for all major online gaming jurisdictions.


PokerStars is a poker room that operates online. It is the world’s largest real money online poker site, accounting for more than two-thirds of the global online poker industry, and is accessible via downloaded poker applications for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) successfully tested their random number generator (RNG) to generally accepted industry standards for highly regulated nations. GLI offers independent third-party testing, auditing, and certification services that are completely accredited. Thus you can play here, assured of fair play.


This early-stage Poker website has recently gained popularity among players, owing to the numerous tournaments held throughout the year. With larger jackpot amounts, these tournaments are appealing to seasoned players who never pass up an opportunity to show off their Poker talents. It is a feasible alternative for experts who are passionate about their game and can’t wait to show off their abilities. It is RNG Certified and offers Fair Play, making it even more trustworthy as a platform for online Poker.

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