Indian eSports Championship kicks off unique gaming platform Café Warz

Indian eSportsChampionship, an initiative by Essence Transmedia Pvt Ltd. and Neon Gaming Studio today, announced the launch of Café Warz, a unique six days LAN event. The event which is exclusively designed for Café Owners saw a participation of over 100 gamers divided in 46 teams competing against each other in CS:GO and DOTA 2 games.

The 6 days long gaming carnival scheduled from 1stto 6th September is a preliminary phase of the 48 days long mega tournament. The event will allow the gamers to play for a café owner at different venues and dates and a chance to win a prize pool of INR 70,000.


Ashish Jain, Chief Development Officer of Essence Transmedia said “We are excited to announce the launch of Indian eSports Championship through the kick-off of our first competition – Café Warz. We are confident that Indian eSports Championship will create an unforgettable experience and a viable ecosystem for the Indian gaming industry.


Our aim is to set the base and then the real action will kick off. The IeSC quality, structure and consistency will boost the local and national esports scene, as professionals and amateurs will be playing across cities”


Harsh Kothari, CEO and Founder of Neon Gaming Studio said We hope that more and more brands in India will start realizing the potential of eSports as not gaming but a sport. Through Café Warz, we wanted to create a proper structure to the fragmented yet strong gaming market in India.”


The teams will be divided into four groups where each team will play against other teams in their group in the league format. The winner from each group shall then qualify for semi-finals.

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