How is India dominating the Gaming sector globally

  • Game Downloads– India is leading in terms of the number of games downloaded in 2018. 5 Billion Games were downloaded in 2018 and an year-on-year growth of 14% is being observed. These surging numbers indicate a growing ecosystem of gaming in India which was only possible because of the advent of Jio that made the internet accessible to the niche audience as well. As a result, a wider number of mobile first audience emerged which was constantly looking for entertainment through the genre of games.
  • Game Development– In 2018, there were five billion unique games launched worldwide, of which 50 percent were generated from India. Thus, the gaming community is becoming stronger by the passing of each year  witnessing the Indian game developers becoming exceptionally popular. This has led to the rise in the number of gaming studios present in India and has boosted the gaming economy as a whole.
  • Advanced Tech–  India is really catching-up with the latest technology. Recently, India’s first Game Developers Console has been launched by WinZO, a micro-transaction backed Gaming platform backed by Kalaari Capital and Hike-messenger. Developer’s consoles have been so far launched by tech-savvy corporations like Apple (Appstore) and Google (PlayStore).  For Game Developers, this is really a first time opportunity to monetize their assets properly. WinZO Game Developer Console is a one stop destination for the Game Studios and Indie Developers from across the globe for onboarding their Games on the platform and to also monitor their daily performance in real-time once the games are on-boarded on WinZO.

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