Gameloft launches Gangstar New Orleans

Gangstar New Orleans is available on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone.

After taking players to the cities of Miami, Rio and Las Vegas, the renowned franchise returns with a new chapter set in New Orleans.

Gameloft is excited to release today the new installment in the iconic franchise. Make your own path in the largest open world on mobile and with an arsenal of hundreds of weapons, vehicles and apparels.

The Big Easy’s iconic neighborhoods and mysterious atmosphere, as well as the originality of the designs, give the game a whole new dimension.


Biker gangs, crooked cops, and even Voodoo priests prowl the city’s streets and hide in its bayous. Go on a mission to take over the Big Easy and make the city your capital by any means necessary.

Discover an open world bustling with life and crime

  • Take dozens of story missions through varied districts, each with its own unique flavor, from the French Quarter to the slums and even the mysterious bayou

Defend Your Turf and Raid Others

  • Exclusive to Gangstar New Orleans, Turf Wars introduce new challenges and excitement to your favorite series
  • Claim your Turf and defend it from your rivals. The resources you’ll gain will come in handy when it’s time to craft new items

Blaze your own trail!

  • Create a character in your image using lots of customization options!
  • Equip, fuse and evolve hundreds of weapons, vehicles, gangsters and more to tailor your gangster skills to fit your personal style. From sniper to explosives expert, there are plenty of approaches. Which one will you pick?

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