Asphalt Street Storm Raises The Stakes On App Store, Google Play And Windows Store!

Take the challenge and make your engine heard across the world’s most glamorous cities in all-out drag races! Raise the stakes, then smash your way through rain, snow and scorching heat to win your opponents’ pink slips and claim their cars.

Think you’re up to it? How about 4-player live runs? The harder the race, the greater the triumph!

As usual in Asphalt franchise you will be able to have the car collection of your dream ranging from old-school muscle cars to the fastest hypercars.

Master the art of shifting gears at exactly the right time to get the most out of their speed machines and reach the finish line first. Every race is unique, as weather conditions, your car choice and the in-depth customization options will all have an effect on your performance.

You will race around the world in the most stylish locations! Try not to get distracted by the highly detailed 3D environments when cruising by famous landmarks in some of the world’s coolest cities, like New York, Paris and Hong Kong.

Asphalt Street Storm is now available on App Store, Google Play and Windows Store!


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