PayU integrates PayPal’s latest ISU 2.0 API

PayU has announced its integration of PayPal’s cutting-edge ISU 2.0 API. This collaboration aims to enhance the international payments experience for Indian merchants, providing a smooth and efficient checkout process for customers worldwide.

Through this collaboration, PayU will leverage the PayPal ISU 2.0 Checkout to offer customers a more personalized and inclusive payment experience. Customers will now enjoy the flexibility to choose from a variety of payment methods at checkout, including PayPal, PayPal Paylater, and various local Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) from customers outside India, such as Apple Pay, Venmo, Discover, MyBank, GiroPay, Blik, SoFort, Bancontact, and Trustly, among others, where available. This integration streamlines the payment process and caters to the diverse preferences of international customers, significantly increasing the likelihood of completing purchases.

Nikhil Mehta, Senior Vice President – Partnerships & Payments Strategy at PayU said, “The partnership between PayU and PayPal is a big step forward for us and our merchants. Integrating PayPal’s ISU 2.0 API sets a new standard for our payment services, benefiting our merchants who are looking to expand globally.”

PayPal ISU 2.0 facilitates more efficient merchant onboarding process directly within the PayU dashboard. This allows Indian merchants to open accounts with PayPal, using an API-driven approach that reduces drop-offs and enables real-time activation. This improved onboarding experience, combined with a fully integrated payment journey for customers, is anticipated to enhance success rates, potentially leading to increased revenue for PayU’s extensive global merchant network.

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