STMicroelectronics Announces Industry’s Highest-Frequency, Widest-Range Microwave Integrated RF Synthesizer

New Delhi, India, January 19, 2016: STMicroelectronics’ new STuW81300 microwave integrated wide band RF synthesizer covers the RF frequency range from 1.925GHz up to 16GHz on a single IC, offering the widest frequency range and the highest frequency in the IC market. Implemented in ST’s integrated BiCMOS SiGe technology to provide leading-edge performance, the STuW81300 enables versatile RF architectures at greater economy (BOM reduction) than traditional microwave solutions based on III-V technologies with low integration capabilities.

The STuW81300 comprises a fractional-N phase-locked-loop (PLL) core with low-noise wideband voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) and voltage regulators. Furthermore, the STuW81300 features a broad range of programmable hardware options to accommodate the needs of most current and future RF/Microwave applications, including radio links, satellite communications, base stations, and test and measurement equipment.

The use of microwave frequency bands (beyond 6GHz) is steadily increasing to support an ever-expanding number of applications, demanding a new class of radio equipment with an improved cost profile to enable new markets. Integrating discrete GaAs (gallium arsenide) architectures into a single-chip wideband SiGe device meets that need.

The STuW81300 key features:

  • The widest frequency range from 925GHz to 16GHz (split over two RF outputs)
  • +6dBm@6GHz and +4dBm@12GHz power at the internally broadband matched RF outputs
  • Fundamental VCO rejection at doubler output higher than 20dB
  • Normalized in-band phase-noise floor of -227dBc/Hz
  • VCO phase noise (6.0GHz): -131dBc/Hz @ 1MHz offset
  • Noise floor (6.0GHz): -158dBc/Hz
  • Phase noise (12.0GHz): -125dBc/Hz @ 1MHz offset
  • Noise floor (12.0GHz): -154dBc/Hz
  • Typical RMS jitter of 0.13ps

An evolution of ST’s successful STW81200 and STW8110x family, the new synthesizer delivers high performance and flexibility while ensuring that the same board design can support multiple bands and RF standards. For example, in satellite applications the STuW81300 can be directly used as a local oscillator for mod/demod of Ku band signals or Ka band with an additional on-board frequency doubler. In other applications, STuW81300 can also fully drive external VCOs (e.g. in GaAs).

The STuW81300 is unique in its ability to be powered from a single unregulated supply, for instance5V or 3.6V,with power consumption and performance tuning, which allows its application range to extend from traditional mains-powered infrastructure to low-power applications.

The STuW81300, priced at $11 for 1k unit orders, has been sampling and already adopted by a few selected customers. News Service

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