Latest Synopsys Virtualizer Release Accelerates VDK Performance by Up to 5X for Early Software Development

New Delhi, India, March 25, 2015: Synopsys has announced availability of the latest release of its Virtualizer tool for creating Virtualizer Development Kits (VDKs), software development kits that use virtual prototypesas the embedded target toenable the fastest time to qualitysoftware.The latest Virtualizer release implements new features including MultiSim, SimSight and FastBuildto increase VDK simulation performance by up to 5X and accelerate VDK availability for earlier software development.

“One of the benefits of virtual prototyping is the ability to scale the prototypeto an entire system,” said Andreas v. Schwerin, principal engineer at Siemens. “By using the Virtualizer MultiSim feature of the VDKs, we were able to simulate our system up to fivetimes faster than with a regular virtual prototype simulation.”

The latest features in the Virtualizer tool enable virtual prototyping teamsto create VDKs more quickly and with higher performance compared to using build-your-own SystemC-based modeling efforts:

  • MultiSim optimizes the use of multi-core hosts for parallel execution of VDKs, accelerating simulation performance by up to 5X for SoCs consisting of independent subsystems or electronic systems using multiple SoCs
  • SimSight delivers enhanced system widesimulation profiling,whichshows the number of SystemC process activations, signal events and TLM-2.0 transactions, to address simulation speed bottlenecks and identify where to optimize the code for up to 5X increased performance
  • FastBuild improves virtual prototype development timeby usingdynamic libraries to assemble a VDK,speed turnaround time of complex full-scale virtual prototypes, createderivative versions and quickly deployupdates to software teams

“With the rise in SoC complexity, developers are relying on Synopsys Virtualizer toolsto help speed theirsoftware development effort and achieve quality software faster,” said John Koeter, vice president of marketing for IP and prototyping at Synopsys. “This latest release of Virtualizer incorporates differentiated virtual prototyping features that help developers start their software development even earlier and increases the simulation performance of VDKs for more efficient software bring up, debug and test.”

Availability & Resources

The new Virtualizer 14.12 release, which includes MultiSim, SimSight and FastBuild features,is available now.

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