element14 now offering Phoenix Contact electronics housing for prototyping and small production runs

Bangalore, India, October 6, 2015: element14 is now offering electronics housing kits from Phoenix Contact that provide a simple way to keep equipment covered during prototyping or for small production builds. These kits are available to order with a single part number and come complete with the housing components and connectors.

Using these electronics housing kits customers can quickly and easily bring almost all THT PCB components, such as diodes, fuses or resistors, as well as microcontrollers, on to the DIN rail. Moreover, using the special breadboards that are available for each development kit, the desired components can be soldered by hand.

In addition, bus connectors are available that support the connection of modules via the DIN rail. The modules can easily be swiveled on the rail.

Phoenix Contact range of electronics housing kits feature :

  • professional housing for protecting your electronics
  • DIN rail mounting for safe installation in cabinets and distribution boards
  • suitable connection technology for each dev kit
  • bus connectors for easy module-to-module connection
  • optional breadboard hand-soldering THT elements

A made-to-measure prototyping PCB is also available to order for each kit, enabling rapid prototyping without the high cost of a custom-designed PCB. Development kits are available to order for the ME-MAX, ME-IO, ME-PLC, BC, UM-BASIC and EH housing range.

This offering is part of element14’s broad connector portfolio featuring thousands of parts to support the design activities of the company’s engineering customers.

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