element14 launches Xsens MTi product portfolio

element14-logoBangalore, India, February 13, 2014: element14 has announced the introduction of the MTi product portfolio from Xsens which provides a reliable industry standard for MEMS attitude and heading reference systems.

The 4th generation MTi sets the new industry standard for reliable MEMS based AHRS, VRU, and IMUs. The MTi 10-series gives the system integrator a choice of three different integration levels (IMU, VRU, AHRS). The MTi 10-series and the high performance MTi 100-series share a common range of mechanical, electrical and communication/API interfaces to enable easy integration across a wide range of 3D motion tracking requirements.

The MTi product range is divided into two series, the MTi 10-series and the MTi 100-series. The MTi 10-series is Xsens’ entry level model with robust accuracy and a limited range of IO options. The 100-series is a revolutionary new class of MEMS IMUs, orientation and position sensor modules offering unprecedented accuracies and a wide array of IO interfaces.

All products contain a 3D inertial sensor assembly (ISA: gyroscopes and accelerometers) and 3D magnetometers, with optionally a barometer and GNSS receiver.

All MTis have a powerful multi-processor core design, capable of processing roll, pitch and yaw with extremely low latencies, as well as outputting calibrated 3D linear acceleration, rate of turn (gyro), (earth) magnetic field and atmospheric pressure (100-series only) data. The MTi-G-700 GPS/INS also offers 3D position and 3D velocity. Over 50 various output formats can be provided directly from the MTi interface.

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