element14 launches GIZMO Explorer board

Bangalore, India, April 2, 2015: element14 has launched the GIZMO Explorer Board, a companion board for the GIZMO 2 platform from GIZMOSPHERE. The board offers features and peripherals that are ideal for use in motor control, human machine interface and control system application designs so users can get their projects started quickly.

The GIZMO Explorer Board is the only board of its kind to offer a keypad, LCD, motor control hardware and a generous prototyping area for GIZMO 2 users. The board connects to the GIZMO 2 platform via the low-speed expansion connector.

Motor control applications for the GIZMO Explorer Board include a wide variety of applications ranging from robotics to antenna rotators, and it is ideal for speed control and direction or position control. Interface applications include operator interfaces, household appliances and office equipment.

Features of the board include:

  • GPIO header
  • Processor I/O signal access break out access
  • Interfaces to SPI/I2C/UART

Priced at approximately INR 1235.97 and available with next day delivery, the GIZMO Explorer Board is available element14 in APAC.

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