element14 launches exclusive high definition audio card for Raspberry Pi from Cirrus Logic

element14-logoBangalore, India, December 12, 2014: element14 is today exclusively launching the Cirrus Logic Audio Card, opening up an unprecedented level of functionality and performance to avid audiophiles who wish to use the Raspberry Pi B+ for audio applications.

The Cirrus Logic Audio Card offers Raspberry Pi A+ and B+ users the ability to input and output high definition audio from the Raspberry Pi. The high-performance audio card allows audio input using either line level analogue/stereo digital (SPDIF) or the onboard digital microphones. Similarly, the audio card allows audio outputs from multiple high-performance sources, namely, line and headset analog outputs, and SPDIF.

Aimed at electronics design engineers, professional audio engineers and Raspberry Pi users, the Cirrus Logic Audio Card can be used for numerous Raspberry Pi audio applications, including internet radio streaming, audio recording and sound playback.

Claire Doyle, Global Head of Raspberry Pi, said, “We are the only solutions provider offering an audio card with this degree of flexibility, including a unique combination of both audio capture and high definition audio out for the Raspberry Pi. The Cirrus Logic Audio Card brings all the features found on the previous version of this card from Wolfson Microelectronics to the Raspberry Pi A+ and B+ models. It offers a similar level of flexibility as a PC soundcard, whether that’s to capture audio alongside camera imagery, or experimenting with stereo digital capture and playback.”

Further features and video can be found on the Community including a bespoke Raspbian image which includes all the software needed for the Cirrus Logic Audio Card. Priced at S$55.50, the Cirrus Logic Audio Card is available from CPC and element14 in APAC.

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