element14 is First to Stock Two New High-Performance KEMET Capacitors

Bangalore, India, April 29, 2015: element14 has announced it is now stocking two new high-performance metalized impregnated paper series film capacitors from KEMET: the P278, Class X1, 480 VAC and the P295, Class Y1, 500 VAC.

Used primarily for electronic design engineers, these paper capacitors are the best EMI capacitors in terms of safety, reliability, overvoltage and transient handling, self-healing capability and long-term connection to the mains. They have high resistance to ionization and are more stable than any other dielectric available on the market.

The new capacitors are ideal for industrial use with pumps circulators or special high-reliability power supplies. They’re constructed of multilayer metalized paper encapsulated and impregnated in self-extinguishing material meeting the requirements of UL 94 V-0.

Typical applications for the P278 Series include worldwide use as an electromagnetic interference suppressor in all X1 and across-the-line applications. Typical applications for the P295 Series include safety capacitors for bridging of double or reinforced insulation applications requiring voltage test up to 4,000 VAC at 60 seconds. P295 Series capacitors can be left in place during this test.

The KEMET P278, Class X1, 480 VAC and P295, Class Y1, 500 VAC high-performance metalized impregnated paper series film capacitors are available from Farnell element14 in Europe and element14 in APAC.

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