element14 adds wide range of temperature measurement tools from Fluke for industrial applications

Bangalore, India, May 26, 2015: element14 has added a wide range of new temperature measurement tools from Fluke, a world leader in compact, professional electronic test tools. The new ranges of temperature measurement tools include infra-red(IR) thermometers, visual IR thermometers and thermal imagers from the easy-to-use Performance to Professional series with advanced features.

These tools aid energy efficiency, improve productivity and support preventive and predictive maintenance; and are ideal for maintenance professionals and I&E (instrumentation and electrical) technicians who install, troubleshoot, restore and manage industrial and commercial plants, facilities for renewable energy, and HVAC/R(heating, ventilation, air-condition and refrigeration). As Fluke tools are able to connect with each other, it is easier to identify and solve problems faster, contributing to improved productivity and reducing downtime.

Fluke infrared cameras, with its easy-to-use interface, deliver high image quality fast and come standard with Fluke Connect to link among Fluke tools. Equipped with LaserSharp Auto Focus, its Professional series gives crisp images accurately. The Performance series appeals its rugged design and comes with a removable SD card and a smart battery with LED charge indicator.

Fluke Visual Infrared Thermometers, in one tool, combines the visual insight of a thermal imager, the visual images of a digital camera, and the point-and-shoot convenience of an IR thermometer. The VT04 is a troubleshooting tool with an infrared heat map which offers higher resolution as well as temperature alarms and time-lapse features.

An infrared (IR) thermometer can instantly measure temperatures in hard-to-reach or hazardous areas providing an early indication of any abnormal temperature. Fluke’s dust and water-resistant, handheld, non-contact IR thermometers are a handy addition for early detection and correction of problems.

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