element14 adds new PCB connectors from Hirose, TE Connectivity and Molex for electronics design

Bangalore, India, May 7, 2015: element14 has added new PCB connectors from leading global suppliers TE Connectivity, Hirose and Molex, to its comprehensive range of over 30,000 PCB connectors which includes board-to-board, card edge and backplane, DIN 41612 board, FFC/FPC board, stacking board and wire-to-board connectors.

The portfolio of PCB connectors at element14 feature High Speed connectors with speeds from 10 Gbps to over 25Gbps, High Power connectors with current density per circuit from 10A to 65A, Low Profile connectors for space-constrained PCB designs with a mated height of as low as 1.55mm, and Fine Pitch connectors as low as 0.3mm pitch.

Marc Grange, Head of Product and Asset Management, element14 Asia-Pacific, said, “We are delighted to offer one of the most comprehensive selections of PCB connectors from the world’s leading brands. Demand has been increasing in high speed connectors in industrial applications for the Internet of Things, such as telecommunications and building automation, and low profile connectors for applications in mobile devices and transportation.”

He added, “Customers will find it easy to choose what they want from element14 according to critical connector specifications such as connector type, number of contacts, pitch spacing and contact plating.”

New ranges of PCB connectors include:

  • TE Connectivity M.2 (Next Generation Form Factor) connectors – 0.5mm pitch and 67 positions, the M.2 NGFF Connectors reduce connector height by 15% and is ideal for designs requiring a smaller form factor in both size and volume
  • Molex MegaFit series – cutting-edge current density at 23.0A per circuit; terminals provide 6 independent contact points for long-term reliability
  • Hirose FH26 series – 0.3 mm pitch, 1.0 mm height, space-saving FPC connector, features a short mounting depth of only 3.2 mm. The actuator opening is a full 135º with a clear tactile and audible click when rotation is complete.

View PCB connectors at sg.element14.com/pcb-connectors on the upgraded element14 transactional website platform.  With new, powerful enhancements, customers get a simpler, more personalised online purchasing experience across the whole site, from searching for parts to finding background information and browsing. Other powerful enhancements include: faster searches with the ability to compare products and access enhanced product information and resources, and a faster checkout process.

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