Coilcraft’s LPD family of Coupled Inductors now available from element14

element14-logoBangalore, India, January 17, 2015: element14 now offers Coilcraft’s LPD Family of 1:1 coupled power inductors which combine excellent current handling, low DCR, and coupling coefficients as high as K ≥ 0.99 in a compact, low-profile package.

With 1500 Vdc (1000 Vrms) isolation and a small package size, the LPD5030V Series of miniature transformers are ideal for use in high density isolated circuit applications.

Named a 2013 Product of the Year by Electronic Products magazine, these Coilcraft miniature transformers provide tight coupling, high inductance and excellent current handling. They can be used as flyback transformers, coupled inductors in SEPIC and Zeta applications, and common mode filter chokes. They offer functional insulation with a maximum 60 V DC, 42.4 V peak input/output voltages with working voltages up to 210 V DC.

750/7″ reel; 2500/13″ reel Plastic tape dimensions are 12 mm wide, 0.32 mm thick, 8 mm pocket spacing and 3.1 mm pocket depth. Multiple price breaks with no minimum order quantity and full reel or cut tape options are available for production solutions.

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