‘Stars Align for Astrum’- Gets listed with the E-commerce Stars

Mumbai, India  December 12, 2014: Astrum Holdings, the company dedicated in creating intelligent products for use with computers, tablets and mobiles, today announced its tie-up with the leading E-commerce portals for making its products available to customers with all ease. They have proved yet again that hard-earned respect among its users never gets unnoticed. With 67 products on Flipkart and 21 on Amazon, Astrum is planning to stretch its wings in 2015. Astrum’s reputation is that of a thought-leader in every segment. Its products have a sense of ingenuity that astonishes users.

Astrum launched most of the audio and peripheral products adapting wireless technology like headphones, earphones, mice and keyboards. The company is currently aiming for lifestyle products and continuously developing them for higher performance. Astrum’s leap to e-commerce has been very quick.


Raymond LiAPAC Manager for Astrum‘s operation in India said, “We are very excited with this strategy of going online to increase sales. It will now be easier for customers to find us. Certainly, the online giants like Flipkart, Amazon, ShopClues, SnapDeal and others play a vital role in reaching out to our customers.  And equally important is our passion for delivering the best. 2015 will see more of Astrum’s products going online. Our products abide by all international standards and are the best value for money”.

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