India issues first set of online gaming licenses

Nagaland, a small state in India located in the northeastern part of the country, has finally began giving out licenses to online gaming operators who wish to operate in the country. In April of this year, the Indian government passed the Nagaland Prohibition Of Gambling And Promotion And Regulation Of Online Games Of Skill Act 2016 legislation.

The state issued around 10 provisional letters of intent to operators who are hoping to get a Nagaland State license. The license would only be given to operators whose software can pass the random number generation technology and software certifications tests given out by the state.

“This is a huge boost to the skill gaming industry and has (a) tremendous future in India,” said Swapnil Chaturvedi, an influential figure in the online gaming business.

Online casino providers differ greatly from their land-based counterparts in terms of the service they provide players. Apart from the fact that people can simply use their cellphones to play when accessing mobile sites, online providers usually have exclusive games that are not found in actual casinos. On top of classic slot games that have 7s and cherries on their reels, many online gaming providers offer superhero titles that target comic book fanatics as well as movie buffs. It’s also easier to produce games for mobile platforms than actually making the sturdy gaming machines we are accustomed to seeing in land-based casinos. Which is also why contemporary titles are launched through digital platforms ahead of being released at casinos across the globe.

Nagaland officials explain that the licenses will not only allow operators to provide their services to players in the country but also advertise in all Indian territories where casino gaming is being allowed.

“We are happy that the Nagaland government has finally issued the license to regulate online skill games,” said Vinod Manoharan, a Managing Director for a web-based gaming company. “We are proud to be the first company to have procured the license and to have submitted all our documents to a regulatory authority. The license issued by the Nagaland government will end the debate on the legality of online poker once and for all and will enable this industry to boom.”

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