Go high-on-junk with justeat.in on July 21- National Junk Food Day

Founder-CEO-justeat.in-Ritesh-DwivedyBangalore, India, July 17, 2014: Celebrate the most popular munchies we send down through our gullet on July 21, 2014 Monday – National Junk Food Day. At present, there has been a major shift in food habits in the metropolitan cities. People in India have increasingly adapted to western culture and cuisine and this trend of junk food consumption in India is seeing an upward growth.

Justeat.in, pioneer of online food portal in India analysed the data to understand the intake of junk food amongst Indian consumers. The reasons being- a steep rise in dual income level and standard of living, convenience, and influence of western countries.  Overall 32- 33% of all orders placed in the first half of the year can be classified as junk food. Bangalore tops the list as the junk food city at 35% of all order consisting of these dishes, while Mumbai comes in second at 25%. Delhi comes in a close second to Mumbai with 24.5% consumption of junk food. Current trend shows that pizzas, burgers, fries, rolls, tikkas and sandwiches top the list of junk food and are consumed more than two to three times a week

Analysis shows that the demand for junk food comes mostly from nuclear families with young teenagers, and bachelors, or couples where both husband and wife are working  and do not have time, patience or the expertise to prepare food. Also these consumers are more exposed to international brands, and are far more aware of global trends when it comes to International cuisine.

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