eCommere Research Paper: How to Write ac Good Project?

Many students compose e-commerce research papers. It is a challenging assignment, which involves a lot of demands. It deals with buying and selling of products. However, it differs from other papers because all the marketing operations are carried online. When a researcher composes any e-paper, he/she should consider electronic transferring, chain supply management, transactions, interchange, etc. All these activities should be always carried via the Internet.


This guide dwells on the main keys to complete e-commerce research papers. Make allowances for the following guidelines:

  • Choose a topic and research it.
  • Find data.
  • Compose a thesis.
  • Make an outline.
  • Draft
  • Edit and improve.

Key #1

Every task begins with preliminary research. It is based on the topic of your research paper. Depending on what theme you choose, you will build your future strategy of writing. Your topic ought to be relevant, problem-solving, concise, and clear. Make sure you have 100% command over the topic. You should understand the subject and generate ideas that can possibly support your research. Consult your academic advisor to identify the most interesting topics.

Make a list of probable concepts associated with your future topic. Take notes and see how much material you have. Afterward, choose the most appealing concept. For example, you may choose the following topic – “How to Secure Electronic Transfers”. It’s a relevant issue because many hackers steal online cash. You can make meaningful research and come up with an effective solution.

Key #2

To compose a good paper, search for dependable informative sources. Before you formulate a thesis statement, look for possible evidence that can disclose your topic. Of course, all the informative sources must be officially confirmed. Use such sources as:

  • Google Scholar;
  • Printed and online encyclopedias;
  • Electronic catalogs;
  • Periodicals;
  • Newspapers;
  • Government publications.

Gather as many materials as possible. Afterward, work them out. You won’t be able to use all the sources you’ve found. Therefore, analyze all the sources and decide which ones will serve your purpose the best. Make sure you know how to make quotations. Learn the demands of your writing format.

Key #3

The next stage is to compose a thesis statement. It’s the most important and strongest sentence of the whole project. It tells your readers what you’re going to research and why. You should evaluate informative sources you have decided to use in your paper. Think about what evidence can suit the best. Use primary and secondary sources. You ought to be totally sure that you’ll be able to cover the thesis. In case, the evidence isn’t sufficient, think about adjustment and choose another thesis.

You may implement the next thesis statement – “The Internet security of online transfers is the matter of great concern and it’s required to find the most effective methods of data protection.”

Key #4

After you choose a research paper topic, find data, and compose a thesis statement, craft an outline. It helps to organize the working process because it includes the major writing sections – introduction, main body, and conclusion. Evaluate the time required to complete every section. Make a firm schedule and never violate it. Otherwise, you risk being late.

Key #5

The next stage is to write. Begin with a couple of drafts. You won’t manage to compose a perfect piece in a single set. That’s why we advise writing a few drafts.

Your intro should grab the reader’s attention. To compose it properly, you should answer three main questions:

  1. What is this?
  2. What do I want to deliver to the reader?
  3. Why is it important?

When you clearly understand the needs of your reader, you’ll be able to find appropriate words. You may start with an anecdote or a bold claim. Try to challenge your reader and impress with impressive facts.

Set the context of your introduction. Give general information about your research and explain why it’s a big problem. At the end of the intro, implement a thesis statement.

The main body continues the idea of your thesis. It consists of many paragraphs. You should use them to support the main claim. Every paragraph should cover one point at a time. Don’t repeat yourself and escape junk sentences. All of your arguments must be fully related to the thesis statement. Use proper examples to support your argumentation line.

The conclusion draws the final line. You should mention your thesis once again. Provide the outcomes and comment on them. Tell what you’ve achieved and how valuable it is.

It will be also useful to read some samples devoted to this assignment type and discipline. This experience will teach you how to compose such papers.

Key #6

After you compose the last draft, edit it. It’s necessary to know what to check while you revise your paper. Consider the next things:

  • Is your thesis clear enough?
  • Is the structure readable?
  • Are all the transitions logical?
  • Are all paragraphs related to the main question?
  • Did you implement effective examples?
  • Have you avoided repetitions?
  • Did you follow the demands of the assigned writing format?
  • Have you chosen the proper language? Is it clear and specific?
  • Is the language flow smoothly?
  • Have you avoided clichés and buzzwords?
  • Are there any watery sentences?
  • Is your grammar alright?
  • Did you check spelling and punctuation?

Always check these points and make sure you’ve completed them properly. Use some applications to check the spelling, language choice, grammar, and plagiarism. Otherwise you have a great chance to contact a reliable research project writing service to get your ecommerce academic written according to your requirements.


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