Ecommerce entrepreneur launches new website

Couponcode.inNew Delhi, India, February 8, 2014:  Parvati Singh is proud to present her new website CouponCode (, sister website to the already popular This new website has been in the works for almost 6 months with the team putting together a portal that has been finely tuned to the needs of the consumer.

CouponCode was founded in September 2013 by Parvati Singh, entrepreneur and online shopping enthusiast. Her story is one that many others in India can relate to. Growing up in a family with four siblings meant that there was not much money to go around. Luckily in primary school a family friend arranged for her to do entrance exams at a prestigious private school to which she ended up getting a bursary.

“It is not easy being on a bursary at a school where most children come from wealthy families. I was fortunate enough to have a bursary to cover my tuition and school supplies but kids notice your scuffed shoes and packed lunch from home. As soon as I could, I started working part time to earn my own money. It was not much but it helped until I graduated. A letter of recommendation from my principal secured my tertiary education bursary at the London School of Economics but I continued to work in London, as you simply cannot get by without working. I did also gain valuable work experience during my studies, which many students do not have. It gave me an edge after college.”

During her years at college, being a poor student living off noodles, she really learnt the value of a good bargain. She started by cutting coupons out of newspapers and saving them in a box. “You might not need to buy washing powder this week, but the coupon will come in useful next time you run out”. Then the online coupon websites started popping up and she realized things could be even easier. Ordering things online meant she had more time to study and spent less time at the shops, all while saving even more money. After her return to India she noticed a real need for a couponing website that was easy to use and streamlined, and has been working in the industry ever since.

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