Nepal’s BLC and India’s Yotta Data Services Partner to Build Nepal’s First Supercloud Data Center

Yotta Data Services (Yotta) has announced a JV with BLC Holding Pvt Ltd (BLC), a diversified entity, encompassing manufacturing and services to build a state-of-the-art facility, in Ramkot, near Kathmandu, Nepal.

The announcement of this data center marks the debut of Yotta in Nepal and progresses the company’s mission to provide digital services in the Indian subcontinent’s high growth markets.This strategic joint venture is a unique partnership between BLC and Yotta. BLC brings a deep understanding of the local landscape, regulatory nuances, and valuable local relationships, including its network of enterprise customers. The infusion from Yotta brings global expertise, international standards, best practices, advanced technology and access to a wider market including hyperscale and enterprise customers across its vast platform. Yotta has a portfolio of five large datacentres, two of which, at Navi Mumbai and Great Noida are part of hyperscale campuses. 

With an outlay of multi-million dollars this facility will offer up to 4 MW of critical IT load and is expected to be completed by in the next 24 months. 

K1 will set a new precedent and industry benchmarks: 

  • Located within a 20-kilometer radius of Kathmandu, the facility provides convenient proximity to Tribhuvan International Airport.
  • Spread across an area of more than three acres, the 60,000 sq.ft. facility will be developed with an overall capacity of up to 4MW critical IT load and enable both enterprises and hyperscale customers to future-proof their expansion options in the region. 
  • Built as per Tier III standards, K1 will be one of the largest data centers and the first supercloud data center in Nepal. 
  • The purpose-built data centre will be constructed with a modular design ensuring industry leading uptime, reliability, scalability and flexibility to customers. 
  • As per the standards set by ISO 14000 & ISO 50000, the data center will confirm with world-class environmental & energy efficiency policies.
  • The facility will have highly reliable power supported by dual high voltage substations.
  • The facility will be carrier-neutral with a dense network through three diverse fibre entry paths and other customized connectivity options for customers. 
  • The data center will be highly focused on information security and data privacy as per the standards set by ISO 27000, PCI-DSS, & SOC2/3.

Designed to meet the most demanding digital needs, K1 will be a secure facility by seamlessly integrating advanced security, high-performance infrastructure, unmatched connectivity, and steadfast sustainability.

“Yotta’s expertise in managing data centers at the utmost standards and its dedication to constructing a hyperscale platform grounded in accountable, reliable, and reproducible methodologies resonates harmoniously with BLC’s proven track record in local operations. We are poised to establish a top-tier data center in the region. This strategic collaboration not only expands our vital market reach but also enables us to provide state-of-the-art technologies, assisting businesses in establishment and growth, all while ensuring regulatory compliance.” said, Sunil Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, Yotta Data Services.

K1 brings forth a suite of key features, ranging from advanced data security and customized business solutions to an indigenous hyperscale cloud offering, state-of-the-art infrastructure, cybersecurity expertise, seamless integration with managed IT services, 24/7 customer support, cost optimization, and a competitive edge. These attributes underscore Yotta & BLC’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and innovative data center solution.

Megha Chaudhary, Managing Director, BLC said “The proposed K1 facility will not just be a data center; we’re creating an ICT ecosystem that drives local and global growth. This initiative features a state-of-the-art data center, designed for global hyper-scalers and AI/ML development. It’ll generate jobs from construction to high-tech operations, empowering Nepal’s workforce and positioning us as a key player in global tech. She further added, “By partnering with Yotta we are strategically positioned to meet the volume and scale requirements while simultaneously delivering the premium, super high availability needs of hyperscalers, enterprises and government alike. This partnership will also emphasise the much-needed local participation and control, thus addressing data sovereignty concerns.”

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