Tesco Bengaluru accelerates Technology hiring plans, and introduces major colleague support amidst COVID-19

Tesco Bengaluru, the global services arm for Tesco PLC, is supporting its colleagues and customers through the COVID-19 outbreak and has announced the acceleration of its Technology hiring plans. Tesco Bengaluru also announced that annual appraisals and performance reviews including hikes and promotions will be held as scheduled.

In addition, Tesco Bengaluru has also introduced enhanced medical insurance coverage for every colleague and their families; additional payments towards home utilities and internet charges; waiver of colleague contributions to additional facilities (whilst honouring all financial commitments to suppliers) and a wonderful integrated wellness campaign to support mental and physical wellbeing while working from home.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the Indian economy is going through a significant shift, and this has affected the overall recruitment process across industries. As per a recent industry report by the technology consulting firm Zinnov, 45% of the aggregated GICs in India have stalled all further recruitments for the foreseeable future. However, Tesco Bengaluru is well set up to continue the recruitment process and even pace up hiring of potential Technology colleagues as per regular on-boarding timelines.

Adhering to the Government directives of current lockdown and avoiding face to face interactions, Tesco Bengaluru has taken considerable steps to ensure this timely recruitment is safe and seamless, using its virtual solutions for interviews, induction, on-boarding and colleague engagement. As a result, new joiners are being officially hired without any further postponement.

Dr Sumit Mitra, CEO, Tesco Business Services & Tesco Bengaluru, said, “At Tesco, during these unprecedented times, we are ensuring seamless colleague operations and hiring processes for driving operational excellence for our markets . We believe that our success is through our colleagues and therefore creating the right support structure is essential. We ensure that all hiring offers are honoured with no changes to salary packages or joining dates. This is one of our humble efforts to rise to the needs in the current situation. We are and will continue to focus our efforts to help colleagues pass through the challenging times and deliver on our responsibility to feed customers across all the countries that we serve. Our colleagues here in Bengaluru play a huge part in this”.

Ms Vidya Laxman, Director, Tesco Technology, said, “At a time like this, corporates must stay strong and support the talent pool in various ways possible. At Tesco Bengaluru, including Tesco technology, we are committed to driving business steadiness by successfully maintaining an agile, modern and cautious approach to recruitment. Our promise to honour offers to all the technologists remains firm, and we will continue to hire for available positions. We feel that policies like this are critical during such unprecedented times, and we hope the situation recovers soon.”

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