IceWarp CEO Pramod Sharda Takes 100% Pay Cut In Light Of COVID 19

The Corona Virus outbreak has pushed the entire world to witness a pandemic, circulating waves of panic across the globe. Due to uncertainty in business owing to the current scenario, businesses are slowing down bringing the growth of the economy to a halt. There has been a sudden slow-down of the economic activities at an unparalleled scale globally, raising the number of job losses and salary cuts.  

In the wake of the current scenario, owing to the pandemic, IceWarp, an internationally renowned company known for developing solutions for email communication and collaboration has devised a protocol wherein, Pramod Sharda, CEO, IceWarp India & Middle East has decided and announced to take a 100% pay cut for the rest of the year safeguarding the employees of IceWarp and promising no salary-cuts or layoffs.  It is invariably important for companies to take the right step while taking care of their employees, assuring them certainty. 

Commenting on the same, Pramod Sharda, CEO, IceWarp India & Middle East said, “The Coronavirus outbreak has affected numerous aspects of our living, however, we at IceWarp believe, every employee to be an asset and safeguarding them is a necessity. To overcome such a critical period as a cohesive team, we have devised a strategic plan of operations and to begin with, I, myself have decided to take a 100% salary cut for the balance of 2020 in order to avoid layoffs. At IceWarp, the security of our employees is of utmost priority, considering the fact owing to security concerns even after the lockdown period, we will be emphasizing to continue WFH till the time we feel the situation is better.”

With a complete lockdown in action industries- small, medium and large have deviated from traditional mode of working and have undertaken the work from home culture respecting social distancing. Keeping a similar mindset, IceWarp is offering its complete collaboration suite for all existing customers regardless of their license setup, to aid a hassle-free collaboration within teams in the time of crisis. The features are free of charge till June 18, 2020. To add up the beta version video conferencing solution is also FREE to everyone across the world. The beta version would help organizations and teams to collaborate and stay productive, it supports up to 20 video call participants while the audio calls are unlimited. The video conferencing service is free of cost to anyone irrespective of whether they are IceWarp’s Customer or not.

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